Winter Heating Problems: Noisy Heater in Missoula, Montana

A heating system should run quietly at intervals that make sense according to the thermostat settings.  If your heating system is making noises, you will likely need to schedule a service by a Missoula HVAC contractor.  A surprising number of problems can be generally deduced by what type of noise is coming from the HVAC system.  Let’s take a look at what common noises likely mean for your boiler or furnace. 

7 Furnace Noises to Have Serviced by Missoula HVAC Contractors

1.       Buzzing Noises can be a sign of a capacitor or fan malfunction.  It is time to call a Missoula HVAC contractor to determine where exactly the problem is and have it fixed.

2.       Vibrating Noises are a sign of something getting out of balance, like a blower wheel.  It could also mean the engine has gotten out of balance, which sometimes is accompanied by loud thumping sounds on top of the vibrating noises.  It is important to call out a Missoula HVAC contractor immediately before further damage occurs.

3.       Squealing Noises usually signify a lack of lubricant or a belt going bad.  These sound like simple fixes but determining what the problem is can get complicated.  Make sure you do not waste time fixing the wrong part by contacting a Missoula HVAC contractor.

4.       Banging Noises usually have to do with some aspect of igniting the fire in the system.  For example, an excess of gas building up in the chamber can make a loud bang when it ignites.  Because this can increase the risk of fire in your home, it is best to call out a Missoula HVAC contractor immediately!  Because taking apart a heat exchanger can cause a gas leak in your home and a heightened risk of causing an open explosion or fire, it is highly discouraged to attempt fixing a gas burner without a licensed HVAC technician.

5.       Rumbling Noises can be caused by a number of problems and non-problems.  Some of the problems could be a faulty burner or blower wheel.  But it could also simply be rapid expansion and contraction of metal ductwork.  Go ahead and give your local Missoula HVAC contractor.

6.       Scraping Noises may be a severe problem.  It could be a worn-out ball bearing or a blower wheel that has become loose.  It is important to turn off your heater and contact a Missoula HVAC Contractor immediately. 

7.       Popping Noises can signify that a lack of proper maintenance has caught up to your heater.  Damaged burners can cause damage to the heat exchanger and be an even bigger problem.  A similar popping sound can also just mean the ductwork is inflating to adjust to the change in temperature when the heat comes on. The best course of action is to call a Missoula HVAC contractor immediately in case there is damage to part of your heating system, as it will only get worse if ignored.

6 Boiler Noises to Have Serviced by a Missoula HVAC Contractor

1.       Kettling Noises in a boiler are a sign of water moving too slowly through the system, causing it to get too hot.  The boiling water causes air in the system, which whistles like a kettle.  This can cause damage beyond whatever damage caused the water to move too slowly in the first place.  A damaged pump, limescale build-up, or faulty thermostat can cause kittling.  It is important to have a Missoula HVAC contractor come out and fix whatever is causing the kettling noises before other problems develop.

2.       Gurgling Noises usually signify that air is trapped in the system.  This can be handled by bleeding your radiators.  If you are unsure how to do this safely, give a call to your trusted Missoula HVAC contractors. 

3.       Drone Noises can also be likened to an airplane taking off.  This sound can be a sign of a faulty pump needing to be replaced.  This must be done by a licensed technician so contact a Missoula HVAC contractor before further damage occurs.

4.       Humming Noises can be caused by water moving around the system too quickly or with too much pressure. Depending on what is causing the problem, this can only be worked on by a licensed HVAC technician.  Schedule an inspection asap to have the problem found and fixed by a Missoula HVAC contractor.

5.       Whooshing Noises are most often caused by blockages to either the air intake or air filter.  Obvious blockages can be cleared with caution, but deeper, larger blockages should be found and resolved by your trusted Missoula HVAC contractor.

6.       Banging Noises can be caused by water overheating in the boiler. This can be resolved by turning off the thermostat and letting things cool off.  Once it is cool, you can turn it back on, listening for a click. If this does not resolve the problem a Missoula HVAC contractor should be called out to service your boiler.  Banging noises can also be caused by pipes not being secured properly.  If you can easily access the pipes where the sound is originating, tightening a few screws can be a fairly simple fix.

What Should my Boiler or Furnace sound like?

After lists like these, you may be wondering “What are normal boiler sounds?”  The answer is a quiet whirring.  And for furnaces, a quiet humming once it ignites.  Now that you know what each sound means, you can better describe your problem when calling out Missoula HVAC Contractors.  You’re your heater is making the wrong noises, go ahead and contact Garden City Plumbing and Heating online or by phone call!  We will have your back and help you get your heater safely maintaining the comfort of your home in no time!