5 Types of Plumbing Technologies for Your Missoula Home

Whether you are designing your new home or upgrading your existing home, you need to have a Missoula plumbing contractor show you the options to take your home to the next level.  Let’s take a look at 5 types of plumbing technologies and a couple of options available in each category!

1.       Innovative Plumbing Technologies Ensure a GREAT EXPERIENCE!

a.       The age-old problem of pipes leaking over time and those leaks going undetected can finally be a thing of the past!  Brain pipes report their own leaks to the owner. With a sensor in the pipe and the ability to send a signal to the owner, you will never have to find a flooded basement again.   Leaks can be fixed before they become a disaster!

b.       Trenchless technology is a way for outdoor supply lines to be able to be repaired or maintained without having to dig up the entire yard!  Find out more about this technology by contacting your local Missoula plumbing contractor.

2.       Efficient Plumbing Technologies Ensure the MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

a.       Faucet aerators can help your sinks use less water with each use.

b.       Dual-Flush toilets give you the option of a smaller flush for liquid waste and a larger flush for solid waste.  This can save almost a third of a gallon with each flush!

3.       Earth-Conscious Plumbing Technologies Ensure an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Home!

a.       Solar-powered water heaters can be installed by Missoula plumbing contractors on your roof or other location that receives a lot of sunlight. It is basically a water tank connected to a solar panel.  During daylight hours, the solar panel collects energy from the sunlight and uses it to heat the water.  Instead of adding to your electric bill, this method of heating water is cost-effective as well as earth-friendly!

b.       Greywater Re-Use is a great option for people looking to make their homes beautiful and environmentally friendly!  Water that is gently used for things like laundry and showering can be recycled for jobs that do not need perfectly pure water, like watering the lawn.  This simple way to get a second use out of water can conserve several thousands of gallons in just a few months’ time. 

4.      “Smart” Plumbing Technologies for a HOME OF THE FUTURE!

a.       Smart water heaters can be monitored on an app on your phone.  You can monitor usage over time and be notified immediately of a leak.  With smart technology helping you be aware of small problems before they become big problems, the investment is a no-brainer.

b.       Smart toilets conserve water and have nightlights and seat warmers.  This product is good for the earth and is a luxurious commodity – the best combination!

5.      Touchless Plumbing Technologies Keep Your Home SAFE AND HEALTHY!

a.       Touchless faucets used to be reserved for public bathrooms! Now you can have them in your home.  This is handy for sanitary reasons in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.  In the kitchen sink, you no longer have to get the handle greasy or covered with food when you want to rinse while you are cooking. 

b.       Touchless toilets are a handy feature that Missoula plumbing contractors have been putting in public restrooms for ages.  Now, they are available for installation in private residences.  Having a hands-free toilet can reduce the spread of germs for a healthier home!

Contact Your Local Missoula Plumbing Contractor for Innovative Solutions!

As you can see, many options for installation fit into more than one category.  Many of the innovative, efficient technology products are also earth-friendly.  If you want to take the next step, check out the best Missoula plumbing contractors at Garden City Plumbing and Heating to see what is available for your Missoula home!  Send us a message online or give us a phone call today!