Commercial HVAC Services: Medical Buildings in Western Montana

HVAC services have a lot of variances.  The factors range from location to type of HVAC system, to the type of structure it will service.  When it comes to commercial HVAC contracting, larger systems must be fine-tuned to maintain a facility for a long time.  Furthermore, medical structures are a set of buildings with tighter controls than many others.  Let’s check out what makes them so special and why Garden City Plumbing and Heating is the premier Missoula HVAC contractor to service them.

What are Commercial HVAC Services in Missoula, Montana?

While houses require residential HVAC services, any sort of business requires commercial HVAC services.  This includes everything from a shopping mall to a school to a factory.  Commercial HVAC services tend to be larger projects with more moving parts.  Commercial HVAC services are often hired by somebody other than the main occupant, for example, the manager of an apartment complex. 

How Does HVAC Servicing in Medical Buildings Differ from Other Commercial Buildings?

Missoula HVACContractors have many considerations when designing, building, and servicing an HVAC system in a medical facility.  For example, while schools need to be temperature controlled with limited open windows, people with infectious diseases do not typically congregate in them.  Medical buildings have more strict guidelines for this and other reasons.  They must have an uninterrupted HVAC system, requiring multiple backup levels.  Other requirements have to do with exchange rates per hour and exhaust going directly outside.   

What To Look For in a Missoula HVAC Commercial Contractor?

1.       BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a tool that is an absolute must in planning a facility with multiple contractors in different fields.  When looking for a Missoula HVAC Contractor for your Medical Facility Project, it is necessary for them to be able to produce a BIM file or work with one.  An HVAC contractor who has not been trained in BIM modeling cannot work with the other contractors and cannot ensure the safety of their workers and the facility. Garden City Plumbing and Heating performs BIM services for both residential and commercial facilities.

2.       Having an experienced HVAC Contracting team can make all the difference in your Montana Medical HVAC project.  Sometimes, the only way certain problems can be prevented is by having gone through them in the past.  Having a Missoula HVAC Contractor who has completed Medical facility constructions and remodels, like Garden City Plumbing and Heating can make your Medical HVAC project go smoothly from the early brainstorming days to laying out the welcome mat!

3.       Maintaining a presence on the cutting edge is what will make your facility stand out!  Having a prefabrication shop can eliminate extra expenses as well as time waiting on a unique piece to be produced elsewhere and shipped in.  Garden City Plumbing and Heating is the Missoula HVAC Contractor you can rely on, with 5000 square feet of prefabrication workspace! The parts you need for your Medical HVAC project are just around the corner, instead of around the world.

The Missoula HVAC Commercial Contractor You Need

Having a Missoula HVAC contractor that you can trust will help you as your project gets off the ground, through completion, as well as quality servicing as time goes on in the building.  Garden City Plumbing and Heating is the Missoula HVACContractor you can rely on!  No matter what stage of your Medical HVAC project you are on, don’t hesitate to bring Garden City Plumbing and Heating on board by calling 406-728-5550 or contacting us online!