5 Symptoms of Common Issues with Geothermal HVAC Systems in Western Montana

Every heating system will have issues from time to time.  Being able to pinpoint what is causing those issues can make all the difference.  Let’s take a look at what can cause some of the common problems in Montana Geothermal heat pump systems.

Your Montana Geothermal HVAC System is Not Heating Properly

·       Having a dead or dying battery in a thermostat can have you panicking.  It can seem like the entire system is on the fritz.  The quick and easy task of replacing a battery can have your geothermal heat pump running optimally in just minutes.

·       Although not specific to Geothermal Heat pumps, it deserves to be said to check the common culprits of an improperly heated home: heat registers are open, the thermostat is turned to the desired settings and the breaker is not tripped.   

·       If your Geothermal heating system has a faulty or old pump, it simply cannot effectively heat your home.  Regular servicing can help your pump last as long as possible but there is still a lifespan on these units.  At some point, they just simply need to be replaced. 

·       Refrigerant Leaks can cause your Montana home to be warm or cool in various spots.  Because these leaks can happen underground, it is best to call a Montana HVAC Contractor to come to assess your system and make any repairs necessary.

·       Improper ground loop pressure can cause your system to not heat your home properly.  This can happen just by the natural ground movement.  If you suspect this is the cause of your improper heating, call out a Montana HVAC Contractor to have your ground loop pressure corrected.

Moisture Collecting Near Geothermal HVAC System

·       Gasket leaks progress slowly.  What starts as just a few drops can develop into a pool of liquid.

·       Ice or frost on the above-ground part of your unit could mean a refrigerant leak.  The refrigerant is not where it is supposed to be.  A quick visual inspection can let you know that it is time to call a Montana HVAC Contractor.  

High Electric Bills due to your Montana Geothermal HVAC System

·       A dirty air filter is a pretty inexpensive and quick repair that can help your Montana Geothermal Heat Pump System run more efficiently.  Your system may keep kicking on if it is not getting proper airflow, which in turn causes your electric bill to be high.

·       A refrigerant leak can cause your system to work inefficiently.  Your system will work and work and work to get your Montana home to the desired temperature and while it may achieve the comfort level you desire, it can cost!

New or Unusual Sounds Coming From Your Montana Geothermal HVAC System

·       If there is improper ground loop pressure in your Montana geothermal heat pump, your system could be making weird sounds. 

Discolored Water from Your Montana Home’s Faucets

·       A coolant leak in a closed loop system could contaminate your water.  If you notice the water from your tap smells bad or is discolored, call in a professional ASAP.  There are methods to pinpoint where the leak is to minimize the amount of time required to accomplish an effective repair on your geothermal heating system.

Geothermal HVAC System Repair Professionals

These common problems that you may experience in your Montana Geothermal heat pump system are not the end of the world.  While some problems can require extensive solutions, they are not all this way. No matter when you notice a problem, give Garden City Heating and Plumbing a call or send an online message to get your Geothermal HVAC system back on track!