Smart Shower Technology in Missoula – Wow!

Smart Shower Technology is another awesome plumbing trend we are seeing in Missoula.  If you haven’t read the article to see the full list, I encourage you to read it before continuing on: Top 10 Trends in Missoula Plumbing.  Do you already know you are interested in a smart shower for your Missoula property? … let’s check it out!

What is Smart Shower Technology?

A smart shower allows you to fully control every aspect of your showering experience – including water temperature, flow, duration, which combination of shower heads are active, etc – from your phone, a wall-mounted touch screen or even through voice activation when paired with a smart home system such as Amazon Alexa. Honestly, it makes you feel like you liv

Benefits of Smart Showers for Missoula Residents

Let’s be honest, sometimes it is “worth it” just to have something awesome, right?  I wouldn’t give up my smart shower for almost anything!  There is data that suggests that smart showers can actually help save water and energy bills for Missoula residents because the water temperature and flow (and every other detail) is perfectly optimized for you so you don’t waste time, water, and money fussing around with controls every time you get a shower to get things “just right”.

I’m not sure if that is true and I can’t imagine it would be that much of a savings (as much as a hundred bucks per year is what they are saying).  If it is a hundred bucks per year, the system will pay for itself (eventually)!  If you are buying a smart shower, it’s for luxury, enjoyment, and adding just a little more pleasure to your life.  The energy savings and water savings are just a bonus, let’s be honest!

Are You Interested in Installing a Smart Shower in Missoula?

We can help!   Contact Us  to talk to one of our plumbing experts.  We’ll be happy to run down pricing and options with you to see if a smart shower is right for your Missoula home and your family.