Touchless Toilet – Plumbing Technology

Over the years, we have become acquainted with touchless toilet technology in commercial settings.  Many public bathrooms installed this technology years ago. This is yet another awesome plumbing trend for Missoula property owners – residential and commercial.  

I encourage you to read our article: Top 10 Trends in Missoula Plumbing if you haven’t done so already.  

Do you already know you are interested in Touchless Toilets for your Missoula property? … let’s check them out!

What are Touchless Toilets?

A Touchless Toilet is simply a toilet that flushes without you touching the icky handle.  There’s just not that much to say about it.  They are convenient and hygienic.

Benefits of Touchless Toilets for Missoula Residents

Touchless toilets are (mostly) a hygienic purchase.  For families with small children or teenagers who forget to flush or who touch the handle with “dirty” hands … this simple technology is a lifesaver!

Consider this a “family therapy” purchase.  Moms and dads don’t have to yell at the kids anymore … and kids don’t have to get yelled at!  Improved relationships through bathroom technology, it’s amazing!

Are You Interested in Installing a Touchless Toilet in Missoula?

We can help!   Contact Us  to talk to one of our plumbing experts.  We’ll be happy to run down pricing and options with you to see if a Touchless Toilet is right for your home and your family.