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When to Call Your Missoula Heating Contractor About Common Winter Problems

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Over the past year, we have covered many common issues with home heating systems.  We decided to compile a list of articles on the subject so that you can find answers to your problems all in one place. Let’s jump in!

Common Winter Problems in Missoula Heating Systems

Cold Home – If your home is colder than you have it set to, check out this article to see the common causes.

Short Cycling – When your heater keeps kicking on more than 4 or 5 times per hour. Find out why this might be happening in this blog article.

Noisy Heater – Is your heater making noises that it never did before?  Check out this article to see what the culprit might be.

Uneven Heating – Is part of your home much colder than other areas? Check out this article to help figure out why!

Blowing Cold Air and 3 More Symptoms – If your furnace system seems to be acting the way it’s supposed to, but the air it’s blowing is cool or cold, read this article for ideas on what the issue may be.

Burst Pipe in Boiler System and 5 More Issues – If you think there may be a leak, it is imperative to call a Missoula heating contractor immediately. Water damage can get extremely expensive and only gets worse as time passes. 

5 Common Winter Problems Specific to Heat Pumps – If you have a heat pump, check out this article to see what may be causing your symptoms this winter!

When To Call Missoula Heating Contractors

  1. If you are not finding your symptoms on this list, go ahead and give Garden City Plumbing and Heating a call to see what your options are. 
  2. If you are having a problem listed here but none of the DIY suggestions are getting your HVAC system back on track, give your trusted Missoula heating contractors a call to see if there is a bigger issue causing the issue. 

3. If you suspect a potential safety hazard or significant failure in your HVAC system, call a licensed Missoula heating contractor before problems start compounding. 

Missoula Heating Contractors Have Your Back

Whether your HVAC problem is big or small, call Garden City Plumbing and Heating at (406) 728-5550 or contact us online before your HVAC frustrations grow. 

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