5 Latest Trends According to Montana Plumbing Contractors

While many trends come and go, these top five plumbing upgrades are only going to continue to grow in popularity! Let’s check out the plumbing trends that have been on the rise and see how they can fit in your Missoula home!

Improved Water Filtration by Montana Plumbing Contractors

The first thing to know about water systems is the difference between water filtration vs water purification.  Water purification systems kill microorganisms but typically leave them inactivated in the water. Water filtration systems catch microorganisms and other contaminants and remove them from the water. Because Missoula’s water supply is treated with a small amount of chlorine, it is effectively purified and simply needs to be filtered.  To learn more about the interesting history of water filtration, check out this article from Australia.

While many filtration systems have been around for decades, recent developments have made them even more effective.  Some homeowners, such as those with well water, want a purification system like reverse osmosis or a UV purification system. While others are satisfied with a filtration system.  To see what would work best with your plumbing system, call Garden City Plumbing and Heating, your trusted Montana plumbing contractor, for a consultation.

Touchless Plumbing For Your Missoula Home

Most of us have used touchless plumbing options at businesses. While automatic flushing toilets are functional at the mall restroom, they can be luxurious in your home.  Hands-free toilets, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and more are all available in stylish designs for residential applications. Some toilets are even equipped with lights for nighttime visibility and will flush with the slide of your foot.  Check out the many upgrade options available on the market by calling your favorite Montana plumbing contractors!

Smart Plumbing Options Help You Manage Your Montana Home

Smart plumbing consists of the integration of technology and plumbing systems to improve efficiency, convenience, and sustainability. It involves the use of devices, sensors, and automation to monitor and control various aspects of the plumbing system and includes features such as leak detection and prevention, water usage monitoring, remote control automation, energy efficiency, and water quality monitoring.

Smart plumbing aims to enhance the functionality, convenience, and sustainability of plumbing systems through the use of technology and automation. It allows homeowners to have better control over their water usage, detect and prevent leaks, save energy, and maintain better water quality.

Hot Water Recirculation in Missoula, Montana

We have all experienced the frustration of waiting for the water to turn warm when we turn on the faucet. A hot water recirculation system is designed to eliminate the wait time for hot water to reach your tap. It works by continuously circulating hot water from the water heater to the taps, ensuring that hot water is readily available whenever you need it.

When you turn on a hot water tap, the pump senses a drop in temperature and starts circulating hot water from the water heater through the dedicated return line. The hot water quickly reaches the tap, providing immediate access to hot water. As the hot water circulates, it displaces the cold water in the pipes, reducing the wait time for hot water at all the fixtures in your home.

The system can be either time-based or demand-based. In a time-based system, the pump is set to run at specific times of the day when hot water is most frequently used, such as morning and evening. This reduces water and energy wastage by eliminating the need to let the tap run to wait for hot water. It also saves money on water bills and reduces strain on the water heater by reducing the frequency of heating cycles.

Improved Customer Service with Montana Plumbing Contractors

Garden City Plumbing and Heating has set a standard among Montana plumbing contractors, and we’ll always continue to do our absolute best for each and every customer. You can expect respect, reliability, and knowledgeable technicians coming to your Montana home to do inspections, repairs, upgrades, and installations.

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Montana Plumbing Contractors Are Ready to Help You Upgrade!

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