Replacing Shower Plumbing in 15 Simple Steps, 2-4 Hours

Replacing shower plumbing isn’t a difficult task if you have the right tools and some time to spend. Learn how to install the new hardware for your bathroom and block out a few hours to get it done!

15 Steps to Removing/ Installing/ Replacing Shower Plumbing

We were going to write a detailed post about replacing shower plumbing but while researching the web, I found an excellent tutorial in Home Depot’s project guides archive. Their DIY guide called How To Replace a Shower Faucet breaks the entire process into 15 simple steps and each step is demonstrated in a video clip.

15 Steps to Replacing a Shower Plumbing Kit:

  1. Turn Off Water
  2. Remove Old Trim
  3. Basic Shower Operation
  4. Remove Old Valve
  5. Choose New Valve
  6. Sweat the Pipes
  7. Solder-Free Method
  8. Assemble New Valve Section
  9. Install a Stringer
  10. Test for Leaks
  11. Install the Cartridge
  12. Install the Tub Spout
  13. Install the Shower Head and Optional HandShower
  14. Install Trim Handle
  15. Set the Temperature Limit Stop

This project is estimated to take between two and four hours and the level of difficulty is advanced. If you’re pretty handy and you have some basic tools (channel lock pliers, power drill, wrench, screwdriver, hand saw, etc.) you should be able to get your shower plumbing replaced on your next free Saturday afternoon.

If you haven’t already purchased a new shower kit, keep in mind that your job will be easier if you buy one that’s compatible with the shower valve that’s already installed. If you purchased hardware that doesn’t fit your valve, you’ll need to cut through the drywall to access the pipes in order to replace the shower valve.

Yelp to Find a Plumber to Replace Your Shower Plumbing

Sometimes the project is too big to do on your own. If you’re not cut out for the job or you don’t have time for DIY projects like this one, call a plumber to install your new bathroom hardware. If you’re not sure who to use, you can search online to find a local plumber who’s experienced with replacing shower plumbing in your area.

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