Commercial Heating System Options – Consider Before Installation

Before you have a commercial heating system installed, consider the HVAC unit types and see what it will cost in the long run. This information will help you to make a wise investment and efficiently heat up your building.

commercial heating system

Commercial Heating System Types: Furnaces vs Boilers

If you’re shopping for a commercial heating system, here are some product recommendations, including a list of top HVAC brands. You’ll likely choose between the two main types of heaters: furnaces and boilers.

Boilers – How They Work

The most common type of commercial heating system is a boiler. A boiler heats up water and circulates the hot water through pipes to the radiator. Another type of boiler is the radiant in floor system where hot water circulates through plastic tubing directly beneath floor. Some boilers use the hot water to create steam which travels to the radiator and condenses back into water. Boilers are fueled by oil or gas.

Furnaces – How They Work

A furnace is another popular commercial heating system. Furnaces heat up the air and force it through the ducts into various parts of the building. Warm air is released through the grills or vents. The fuel source for a furnace can be electric, gas, or fuel.

If you’re not sold on either of these, explore the other types of commercial heating systems, including air source heat pumps and geothermal.

commercial heating system costs
commercial heating system costs

Cost of Installing and Running a Commercial Heating System

Installation costs can be daunting when you’re getting a new commercial heating system for your building. Besides the upfront cost, a smart business owner will look ahead to see the cost of running the different types of HVAC units over time. Fuel, electricity, repairs, and company down time are worth calculating because all of these will impact the cost of your commercial heating system.

Boiler Installation Cost

Cost Helper published a list of what you can expect to pay in 2019 for a new boiler, according to the type you choose. Gas boilers will cost you $2,500-5,00 and oil boilers are more expensive, costing somewhere between $3,000-6,500. High efficiency boilers are nearly twice as expensive ($6,000-9,000) but will save our company a ton in the long run.

warm up with a commercial heating system
warm up with a commercial heating system

Furnace Installation Cost

If you’re going with a furnace instead, your upfront costs will be lower than paying for a boiler. Mid-efficiency gas furnaces can cost $400-2,500 but the high efficiency models are closer to $12,000. Oil furnaces fall in the range of $2,000-10,000.

You can add years to the life expectancy of your furnace with some regular upkeep. Recommended tune-ups for gas furnaces are every two years and generally cost $110-125. Oil furnaces are more expensive to maintain because a tune up costs close to $200 and should be tuned up annually.

Other Expenses

You will need a building permit before installing a commercial heating system which can run you up to $300; but your HVAC contractor may build the cost into your project total. If your ductwork needs to be replaced, that’s another $35-50 per foot that you’ll be spending.

commercial heating system barriers
commercial heating system barriers

Get Past the Financial Barriers of a Commercial Heating System

There are permits and rebates available in Montana for business owners. Usually, energy star products are eligible for rebates as well as most high efficiency commercial heating systems. Certain established HVAC companies, like Garden City Plumbing & Heating, offer financing options that you may choose to take advantage of.

We found a list of incentives for Montana-based businesses. Check out these rebates, grants, and discounts available for business owners in your area!

commercial heating system options
commercial heating system options

Missoula Commercial Heating Systems – Installation and Repair

If you live in the Garden City, you’re in luck! Missoula commercial heating is a no-brainer when you hire Garden City Plumbing & Heating. We have been serving customers around here for over 35 years and we provide regular service for many of the buildings and stores in downtown Missoula, MT.

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