Montana Commercial HVAC Contractors – Custom Homes in Missoula

Commercial HVAC services are expected in big skyscrapers or sprawling campuses. However, don’t be surprised to find commercial HVAC contractors working in residential neighborhoods, too!

Custom home builds are one of the big reasons for a commercial HVAC contractor to get out of the city center and into a private home. Let’s explore the types of HVAC services you can get for your custom home.

How Building Information Modeling Can Help

If you are not sure what Building Information Modeling (BIM) is, that’s ok!  You may have heard of CAD, autoCAD or maybe even REVIT software. These are all software programs to help design a space before the builders actually break ground. BIM is a great tool to coordinate everything from the electric sockets to sink pipes to ventilation needs, and so much more! 

As your custom home is being designed, the electrician can see where the HVAC contractor needs space and vice versa.  Having all the different contractors coordinate their installations in one file can prevent mistakes and make the installations happen more efficiently. Commercial HVAC contractors need to be proficient with BIM if they are going to work in your custom home.

Options from your Montana Commercial HVAC Contractor 

If you want a unique custom home that has the special features to fit your lifestyle, deciding on what type of heating and cooling your home will use is an exciting step! The two most common types of heating are a furnace or a boiler. While you may want to use one of those for the main section of your home, you may want to consider one of these other options.

Geothermal Heat Pumps have been around awhile but with recent tax break legislation, there has never been a better time to consider this HVAC system in your custom home!

Radiant in-floor heating is a luxurious touch in a master bedroom or bathroom. Turning on the in-floor heat before you hop in the bath can make the relaxing experience last beyond the actual bath. On those cold winter mornings, stepping out of bed onto a cold floor is never motivating!  Radiant in-floor heating could be the installation to make your custom home into your perfect cozy retreat from the world!

After choosing a HVAC system, having extra details on your system can give your custom home the flair you are looking for! Adding a Bluetooth or WIFI Thermostat can let you see what temperature your home is currently at as well as change it, even when you are across the country, as long as you have an internet connection. Voice-activated thermostats are another detail that can add a layer of ease to your home’s comfort!

2 Considerations for HVAC in your Montana Custom Home

  1. If you have a wall of windows, you will lose some heat during those long winter months.  While you can get 3-paned windows to reduce the heat loss, you can choose an HVAC system that can help combat the problem as well.  Choosing an HVAC system that works by heating the objects in the room instead of the air could more efficiently maintain the ambiance you want.   
  1. The location of your custom home could give more weight to some options over others. Is your custom home being built near a Geothermal plant? If your custom home is up in the mountains, the elevation may make a heat pump less effective.  Being aware of these factors can help  you decide which system will work best for you!


Contact the Best Montana Commercial HVAC Contractors Around!

Other custom home options to consider are plumbing trends. Garden City can service your property with all the latest HVAC and plumbing features popular on the market! Check out our list of 10 plumbing trends to see which you want to install in your new custom home. Whether it’s a smart shower or a touchless toilet, the added details will surely give your home the extra flair you are looking for.

If you are trying to make decisions on your forever home, give Garden City Plumbing and Heating a call to setup your custom home with incredible Commercial HVAC Services! We are here to answer any of your questions and get you on your way to find what you need.