6 Plumbing Upgrades for Aging-in-Place in Missoula, Montana

As supply chain issues continue across America, many people are opting to upgrade or add-on to their existing home instead of building new.  Turning your existing home into your forever home can have its challenges but can also create exactly what you’ve been looking for, and for a smaller price tag!

For the older generation, aging-in-place can be an attractive option. Moving is such a daunting task, especially when the potential new location needs upgrades or changes for accessibility. 

Let’s look at a few plumbing upgrades for your home project that will create the forever home of your dreams!

3 Smart Technology Plumbing Upgrades in Missoula, Montana

1.      Leak detectors can do what had to be done manually in days gone. Those pipes behind the basement wall can be watched remotely and automatically.  As we all age, these small tasks can become harder.  Having the tools to enable independence can help people feel comfortable and safe on their own for longer. Aging-in-place can be done gracefully!  

2.       Activated carbon and UV filtration systems are some of the latest trends in ensuring safe water in your home.  While other methods, like reverse osmosis, can reduce particles, there are limitations.  Activated carbon can reduce the presence of smaller particles and UV filtration systems can greatly reduce microbes like bacteria and viruses.  Ensuring safe water to use in your home can keep you healthier for longer!

3.      Touchless faucets can make life simpler.  If your hands are covered in dirt and mud from weeding the garden, you don’t have to touch the knob that everybody else in the house has to use.  If you have young children or grandchildren who want to be autonomous, a touchless faucet can ensure the water does not get left of how half an hour. 

3 Green Technology Plumbing Upgrades in Missoula, Montana

As the broader conversation about our world progresses, people are looking for methods to be comfortable that are also responsible.  Let’s look at a few green technologies that can help you be more sustainable.

1.      Grey water systems help you reuse water in your home.  You may have heard of blackwater or wastewater, which is waste from the toilet that contains fecal matter or other contaminants. Grey water is water that has been used but is likely to be low in dangerous contaminants, like shower or bath water.  These systems collect greywater for reuse in gardens or other areas where perfectly fresh water is not required.  Knowing your home is not taking advantage of the environment can help you feel comfortable staying in it for longer!

2.       Efficient faucets and water saving shower heads can reduce the amount of water used by 30%! This is a huge difference when you start to think about how often you wash your hands or if you have that bad habit of leaving the bathroom sink running while you brush your teeth.  These technologies can help you accomplish your sustainability goals with little extra effort!

3.       Wifi Adapter on the water heater can help you keep track of how much water you are using.  As the saying goes, “what is not measured is not managed.”  Simply being able to check the usage throughout the month will let you know if there is a small leak or if your sprinklers are staying on longer than intended.  Having the tools to help you be responsible can take some of the stress away!

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If supply chain issues are causing you to rethink the search for a “forever home,” consider upgrading the technology of your current home to have the accessibility and comfort to keep you satisfied for decades to come!  Also check out these 10 plumbing trends for more ideas to make your property the place you want to age-in-place!