Missoula Residential Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Temperature regulation is vital to the comfort of your home.  As we are gearing up for summer, let’s talk about Air Conditioning for your Missoula, Montana home. 

What types of air conditioning options are there for my Missoula residence?

While window units and mini-split systems are portable and adaptable, central AC units are more reliable and more powerful.  Heat pumps and some geothermal units can work as both air Conditioning in the summer and a heater in the winter.

What costs come with my Missoula residential air conditioning system?

Beyond installation and the monthly power cost to run, there are maintenance and repair costs.  The general recommendation for servicing is once per year.  By having your Missoula residential Air Conditioning checked out regularly, many issues can be prevented or caught before they become larger issues.  There is, of course, the chance that something can go wrong even with regular maintenance.  Call Garden City Plumbing and Heating to see what your specific costs may be.

Is AC cheaper than heat in my Missoula, Montana home?

There really is no simple answer to this question. There are way too many variables, starting with the type of heat, the type of fuel used by the heater, and the age of the heater, and all those same variables apply to air conditioning as well.  To generate a simple answer, we can ask if a natural gas furnace is cheaper than a natural gas-powered AC unit.  Many families find that winter heating costs are more expensive than summer cooling costs. 

If you’re looking for something that runs really efficiently in both the summer and winter, a heat pump might be the right decision for you.  Heat pumps pull the heat into the house in the winter and pull heat out of the house in summer.  To find out more about heat, check out this comparison of heat pumps vs boilers, or give us a call!

Why is AC so expensive to run?

Air conditioning works most efficiently when it is left off to maintain a specific temperature in a room.  When you turn it on and off multiple times a day, or even multiple times per week, it has to restart the dehumidifying process.  This makes it less efficient so more power is being used up.  If you want to reduce your AC’s power usage, the cheapest way is just to turn up the temperature so that it does not kick on.  Instead of switching it to off, simply adjusting the temperature higher helps maintain some of the efficiency and reduce power usage.

How long does HVAC AC last?

The average central AC unit, including the heat pump unit, should last about 15 years.  This can be pushed to about 20 years with regular services and prompt repairs of any issues.

What kind of Air Conditioning should I get if I don’t have ductwork in my Missoula home?

While window units are an easy go-to for homes without pre-existing ductwork, a mini-split system can make for a more comfortable space.  Another great perk of a mini split system is the availability of “smart technology” that can be controlled remotely with your phone.  You can save money this way by turning down the unit while you are out of the house and turning it back up when you are headed home. 

Missoula Residential Air Conditioning and HVAC

If you are thinking about installing an HVAC system in your Missoula, whether it be for central air conditioning or heat, OR BOTH, Garden City Plumbing and Heating has you covered.  With knowledge and experience, we can get your home to the level of comfort you desire this summer!  Give us a call or message us online.  And don’t delay, Summer is just around the corner!