Aeroseal is Great for Missoula Residential HVAC Systems

As a homeowner, you may find yourself in one of the two following groups.  You are installing a complete HVAC system in your home or in a home with an older HVAC system that should be efficient but isn’t.  If you find yourself facing either of these situations, Aersoseal could be the answer to your problems!   If you are curious about duct sealing and when it is a good idea, we have some answers to your questions.  Let’s take a look at duct sealing and how it can help your Missoula residence!

What are duct sealing and Aeroseal?

When your HVAC system has ductwork through which air travels throughout your home, small gaps can occur throughout the network of ducts.  There are a number of methods of sealing your ducts to prevent or repair gaps.  Aeroseal is a type of duct sealing that is non-toxic and contained within the ductwork.  Check out this demonstration video to see how it works!

What is the purpose of Aeroseal for Missoula residential HVAC?

Aeroseal can help the air quality in your home as well as help old ductwork be more efficient.  If gaps or holes have developed in the intake ductwork, it can blow dust around your home.  Once those holes are sealed, the dust will stay inside the ductwork and get caught in the air filter, like it was designed for.  

If there are holes or gaps in the output ductwork, heated air will leak out before it gets to the register.  This creates a number of issues.  The system will seem inefficient, and your energy bills will increase.  Depending on the location of the holes, certain rooms may be much warmer or cooler than others.  When you have these holes and gaps sealed, your whole system will seem like it got a tune-up!  Your desired temperature will be achieved with fewer, more efficient cycles. 

What type of HVAC system can Aeroseal work on?

If you have ductwork, Aeroseal can work for you!  If you have a boiler system to heat your home but a system of ducts for your AC system, you can have Aeroseal installed to aid your AC system.  If you have a furnace with ductwork to divert the warm air around your home, Aeroseal can be installed in your home. 

Would it be better just to get a new set of ducts in my home than have Aeroseal applied?

Because ductwork is made up of short pieces that fit together, all duct systems, regardless of age, can have gaps.  Replacing your ductwork might be a good decision for your home, but even new ductwork should be sealed.  Every connection of 2 pieces of duct can have a gap.  For recommendations on your specific situation, call Missoula Residential HVAC Contractors at (406) 728-5550.

Is Aeroseal duct sealing worth it in your Missoula home?

The general consensus is that Aeroseal pays for itself in about 3-5 years. Missoula residents start noticing a difference in the comfort of their home and a smaller power bill immediately!

How long does duct sealing last?

Aeroseal is guaranteed for 10 years.  However, you can expect it to last much longer than that.  Since Aeroseal can hold strong in a system of ducts for 40 years, it absolutely makes financial sense in Missoula Residential HVAC systems!

Can you seal ductwork from the inside?

YES! Aeroseal does exactly that!  Aeroseal seals cracks, leaks, and gaps from the inside.  You don’t have to take all the pieces apart or pull long sections from hard-to-reach spaces. 

Can I use caulk to seal ductwork in my Missoula, Montana home?

The simple answer is yes.  But the real answer is not so simple.  There is no way to reach some connections and holes deep in the walls without tearing out the entire wall.  If you’re looking for a cheaper option, caulking can work with limitations.  If you are looking for a longer-lasting effective solution, Aeroseal may be right for you.

How do you tell if ducts are sealed in a Missoula residential HVAC system?

A better question is how to tell if ducts are sealed PROPERLY.  Ductwork may have been sealed, but if it was done as a DIY project, it might need further sealing.  If you walk around your basement or wherever your ductwork is and see cracks or open holes, your heating and/or cooling system will not be running as efficiently and cleanly as possible.  If you notice certain room(s) at a different temperature than other rooms, it could be because of a lack of or improper sealing.

Missoula Residential HVAC Systems Use Aeroseal for Safe, Effective Duct Sealing

If you think your power bill is bloated due to inefficient ductwork, give Garden City Plumbing and Heating a call at (406) 728-5550 or send a message through our website.  We can schedule a seasonal maintenance visit or book an Aeroseal installation to get your Missoula Residence more comfortable and more efficient!