Get Your Water Pressure Just Right with Missoula Plumbing Tips

When it comes to taking a great shower, water pressure is everything! Beyond a steady stream of water, your water pressure also impacts the utility bill and water consumption. Read on to find Missoula plumbing tips to help get your water pressure just right!

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Missoula Plumbing Tips for Fixing Low Water Pressure

One of the most annoying things to deal with on a daily basis is low water pressure. Especially when moving to a new house, it can be disappointing to discover weak water pressure running through your sink faucets and shower heads. There are many things that can cause low water pressure. Whether your plumbing equipment is new or old, you might need to adjust the pressure. Factors such as your pressure regulators, water quality, and geography can impact the strength of your water flow.

Factors that cause low water pressure

  • the elevation of your location
  • mineral deposits/ clogged pipes
  • water pressure regulators
  • water usage/conflicts

The good news is that you can get higher water pressure in your area with some easy Missoula plumbing tips. Sometimes, a DIY fix is all you’ll need. To play it safe, you should hire a reliable plumber to identify the source of the problem and have it fixed professionally. You might need to install a water pressure pump, adjust a regulator, or unclog a pipe. If your water is too hard (a common problem in Missoula, Montana and surrounding areas) the mineral deposits will cause a buildup. Water treatment may be the right choice to improving your water pressure. The ideal solution depends on where your house or business is located and how your plumbing is set up.

In any event, increasing your water pressure is affordable. However, if your water pressure is low because of a broken pipe you will have a larger problem to deal with. That’s even more of a reason to get a plumber involved instead of dealing with low water pressure for a long period of time. The sooner you get your pipes inspected, the better. The best Missoula plumbing tips will always recommend addressing the small issues now to prevent dealing with expensive repairs later on.

Missoula plumbing tips for energyHigh Water Pressure Is Bad for the Utility Bills

Too much of a good thing is a problem, especially when it comes to water pressure. Have you ever had a shower where the stream of water was so strong that it hurt your skin? If your water pressure is too high you should look into simple tweaks and follow our Missoula plumbing tips.

The other issue with high water pressure is that is increasing your water consumption and wastes electricity. Everything is working harder than it needs to and your utility bills will prove it. This can also increase the wear and tear on your plumbing systems. To save yourself money and get more mileage out of your plumbing, adjust the water pressure to a comfortable strength without going overboard.

If the water pressure is always too hard, even when you’re the only one running the water, then you probably need to adjust the pressure settings. But if your pressure is only hard sometimes, it’s likely got to do with the other appliances that are in use. Installing a water pressure regulator may be the easy fix that you need. Most home pluming systems are built to handle pressure in the ballpark of 80psi. You can buy a gauge to attach to your pipe and see what your water pressure is set at.

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Getting Your Water Pressure Just Right

If the water pressure in your home or business is too high or too low, make it a priority to get it just right! Make a call to get help from the best Missoula area plumbing contractors. Great water pressure for the perfect shower is one of life’s small luxuries. With some simple Missoula plumbing tips, you can turn your home bathroom into relaxing spa.

There are also financial benefits to regulating your water pressure. Your plumbing systems will last longer and your utility bills will be lower if you keep your pressure down. Too much of a good thing comes with a downside. If your water pressure is too high, you’ll pay for it eventually. Using less water and lowering the electricity usage are two reasons to lower your water pressure- especially if it’s over 80psi.

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