Missoula Emergency Heating Repair at Your Service

With winter on full blast now, the last thing you want is your heater to stop working. If that is the case, have no fear, Garden City Plumbing & Heating has your Missoula emergency heating repair services covered. The team is staffed with expert technicians that faithfully serve residents and businesses in Missoula, Montana.

Missoula Emergency Heating Repair

What is Missoula Emergency Heating Repair?

HVAC experts will advise you to take measures all year to keep your home safe and comfortable. Even with preventative maintenance like installing top-of-the-line systems and routine tune ups, heating emergencies can happen. A heating repair emergency is when your heating system fails to function properly leaving your home or business in an unsafe environment. When your heat pump is no longer able to produce heat, it will leave your indoor temperature similar to the outdoor. If your indoor temperature is the same as outside, you have a heating emergency.

During winter, it is very important to make a habit of checking your outdoor heat pump, especially when it snows. Keep your heat pump free of ice and snow as much as possible. Excessive ice and snow build-up on or around the heat pump can ruin a heat pump completely and need a total replacement.

The first sign of a heating emergency begins with an unexpected change in temperature inside your home or business. If you notice a change, check the temperature on your thermostat. Is it lower than normal? Is your Emergency Heat light on? If so, your heat pump has been using secondary energy sources to heat your home because its primary source wasn’t strong enough. Now, it’s time to put your other senses to the test. Go to your heater and asses the situation. This way, if you do need to make that emergency call, you are better prepared to talk to the technicians.  

Look: Does anything look out of the ordinary? Perhaps it is a loose wire, a flipped switch, or a pilot light has gone out.  

Listen: Is there an usual hissing or clunking sound coming from the system?

Smell: Is there a strong metallic, burning, or gas odor?

Missoula Emergency Heating Repair When You Need Missoula Emergency Heating Repair

Trying to get ahead of heating repairs is always key to preventing emergencies and keeping your utility bills low. When problems arise, they could be stemming from a number of issues.

1. Thermostat Failure

Failure could mean something as simple as a problem in the settings or dead batteries. Refer to your manual to try some troubleshooting or verify settings.

2. Flame and Gas Issues

These issues often occur with a faulty ignitor, which might need to be replaced professionally. Another common problem is if the pilot light doesn’t stay lit. Check to make sure there is no draft causing the flame to go out.

3. Mechanical Malfunction

One or more parts of the heating system may have failed causing the whole system to stop. Never try to tinker with parts and wires on your own! Just pick up the phone and call the Missoula Emergency Heating Repair team at Garden City Plumbing & Heating.

4. Dirty Filters

Low cost filters need to be replaced every month. Mid-range cost filters usually need to be replaced every three months. There are even reusable filters, which sound economical in the long run, but they need to be cleaned regularly. When buying and replacing filters, make sure you have selected the right size. Dirty and wrong filters can cause heating problems, but are luckily an easy and cost effective fix.

5. A System at the End of its Lifespan

Unfortunately, HVAC systems can’t last forever. There does come a time when a heating system needs to be replaced completely. As costly as it is to replace a system, keeping a HVAC system running past its time can lead be unsafe in your home or business. Continue routine tune ups and consult with your HVAC technician about when it is time for a complete replacement.

Missoula Emergency Heating Repair

How to Access Missoula Emergency Heating Repair

Getting in touch Garden City Plumbing & Heating for Missoula emergency heating repair services is easy and stress-free. To access these services, simply call (406) 728- 5550. That line is open to receive calls 24/ 7. Our team of experts guarantees friendly and quality service you can count on regardless of the time or day.

Before you call, have some notes to share based on your own assessment. You might also be asked to try some troubleshooting options before a technician comes to the rescue. If you have an emergency heat option and it isn’t switched on, this would be the time to try it. It might help keep you safe while help is on the way.

Keep warm!

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