It’s Check-Up Time For Your Missoula Air Conditioning System

Missoula Air Conditioning System
Missoula Air Conditioning System

Spring is in the air, heaters are off and temps are on their way up. You may not need fans and A/C yet, but springtime is the right time to get your Missoula air conditioning systems tuned up. Have your cooling system cleaned out and running efficiently to keep that electric bill lower.

Check Your Missoula Air Conditioning Before The First Hot Day

Everybody in your home is probably feeling spring fever mellow. However, when the first hot and humid day arrives and you find out that your A/C isn’t cooling your house down, your family environment will quickly become a big hot mess.

Don’t wait for the first hot day before calling your local HVAC professional for a Missoula air conditioning check up. You’ll have to wait longer for service because local HVAC companies are swamped with calls in the early days of summer. Get your home ready in the spring, and beat the rush – and the heat! There’s no substitute for being prepared.

Don’t Turn Your Missoula Air Conditioning System On Yet

Before the temperatures climb, run a short checklist each year before turning on your Missoula air conditioning unit on for the first time. This is a good practice as a homeowner or property manager. If you get your air conditioner tuned up by a professional before summer, they’ll do all of this for you.

Inspecting and testing your Missoula air conditioning unit

Inspect the Inside:

    • Check ductwork for damage or leaks that waste energy and prevent the full benefits of the A/C from reaching your living spaces.
    • Replace the air filter with a new hypoallergenic filter that will trap all the allergens floating around the air in spring. Replace it every 2 or 3 months thereafter.
    • Make sure the electrical connections are secure. Sometimes that’s the one thing homeowners forget to check when the a/c suddenly stops working. (use caution)
    • If the thermostat was fine all winter, it’s probably fine now but check the connections anyway. Consider getting an energy saver to turn your thermostat up during the hours you are away from home and down just before you get home each day.

Inspect the Outside:

    • If the condenser unit is not securely covered, make a note to yourself to buy one so you can cover it next fall. A tight fitting cover will keep debris out of condenser.
    • Check the unit for leaves, sticks, bird nests and other debris that will interfere with the mechanical workings of the outside unit. Birds will build a nest anywhere including inside any exterior structure that isn’t moving.
    • Look for damaged or chewed wires and cables. Mice and rabbits are common culprits.
    • Check for rust on parts under the protective cover and remove any standing water around the unit.

Turn the Power On:

    • Listen to the condenser unit. Does it sound like it’s running smooth and quiet or are there some rattling sounds, like there’s an uneven rotation?
    • Can you feel the warm air that has been removed from your home over the top of the unit? It should blow out strong and steady.
    • Is the house cooling down as much and as quickly as you think it should? If the inside and outside vents haven’t been cleaned, the unit will work harder than it needs to.
    • Do your inside lights dim when the compressor kicks in? If this happens briefly, it may be an indication that the breakers are about to blow, and you need to upgrade your electrical service.
    • Make sure the drainage pipe is clear and free flowing. Sometimes sludge builds up, and it needs to be cleaned out.

If you turn your Missoula air conditioning system on without performing a check first, you could accidentally damage your unit and the disrupt the electricity in your whole house. The result could be costly repairs including a replacement A/C system. Don’t risk it- do all the required prep before using your air conditioner this summer, or better yet, let a fully trained, safety-focused HVAC professional take care of it for you.

Missoula Air Conditioning

What to Expect: Professional Missoula Air Conditioning Check-Up

The most cost effective way to maintain your Missoula air conditioning is to schedule an annual full system check-up in early spring, before it gets too hot. Call a reputable local company like Garden City Plumbing & Heating to handle your Missoula air conditioning inspections and maintenance. When your unit is serviced properly, you can expect your A/C system to last about ten or fifteen years!

Basic steps to getting your A/C unit tuned up for summer

Standard A/C services your HVAC will perform:

    • Clean the lines and the compressor unit and replace filters.
    • Check the motor for smooth unobstructed operation.
    • Check for energy efficiency and educate you on how to bring down cost of utility bills.
    • Make necessary adjustments so cooling is evenly distributed through all used rooms.
    • Identify current or future problems and make repairs and replace old parts.

Add “Call HVAC” to your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Don’t wait for the first hot day to turn on your A/C! That’s a bad time to find out that something is wrong with it. Get your units inspected and tuned up before the heat wave hits! Keep your family comfortable and keep costs down with professional Missoula air conditioning service.

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