Missoula Air Conditioning Service: The Best Around

With summer fast approaching, a working air conditioning system should be a priority! Calling for Missoula air conditioning service ahead of time will make your summer more memorable and far less miserable. Keep cool and get prepared for the heat wave.

Missoula air conditioning service

Time to Call for Missoula Air Conditioning Service

Is your air conditioning system due for maintenance and repair or are you thinking about getting a new upgraded system altogether? Have you noticed some unusually high utility bills compared to what you used to pay for air conditioning? Then it is time to contact a Missoula Air Conditioning Service provider and get ready for summer.

Garden City Plumbing and Heating is a 24-hour company located in Missoula, Montana that is fully equipped to handle all of your air conditioning needs. They employ a team of highly trained technicians who are capable of helping you save to money while at the same time getting the best out of your air conditioning system. They can handle both residential and commercial air conditioning needs.

Garden City’s Missoula Air Conditioning Service includes (but is not limited to) the following services:

  • Residential Missoula air conditioning repair
  • Commercial Missoula air conditioning repair
  • Residential air conditioning installations
  • Commercial air conditioning installations
  • Ductless cooling system
  • Indoor air quality
  • Efficiency upgrade
  • Zone control
  • Home energy audit
  • Zone control (aerosol)
  • Thermostat

Why Garden City’s Missoula Air Conditioning Service is the best around

Being the best is not merely a title that is bestowed on a company because of its popularity. For a company to be accurately labelled as the best, there are certain qualities that must be displayed.

Here is why Garden City’s Missoula Air conditioning Service is officially known as the best around:

History and Experience

Offering impeccable services to the Missoula, Montana neighborhood since 1985, this family owned and operated company has over 30 years of experience working with heating and air conditioning. Their virtually spotless track record includes a long list of satisfied loyal customers. This hardworking team has always taken great pride in upholding their values of excellent customer services and integrity. It is for these very reasons that they have managed to acquire so many long-term customers who rely on Garden City for their cooling, heating and plumbing needs.

Professional Technicians

Angie’s List suggests that it is necessary for technicians to be experienced with your particular air conditioning system before you hire them for the job. Garden City’s Missoula Air conditioning Service keeps their technician trained and ensures that they are knowledge with all upgrades and changes in the plumbing and HVAC fields. They are also held to a high standard of professionalism, dependability, and cleanliness with respect for the customer’s time and space.


Being flexible is a quality that most customers look for in a company. It is always great to find a company that is flexible enough to meet your needs. Missoula Air Conditioning Service is not hard and fast. They are prepared to make the necessary adjustments to suit you. They do not just work with one general plan. Having talked to you and analyzed your situation, they will then propose a plan that is tailored to your needs. Your budget and preference is taken into consideration and treated as high priority.

Reasonable Prices

Garden City Plumbing & Heating does not need to gouge customers. Being one of the most successful plumbing and HVAC companies in the area, they have plenty of business to keep them going and that helps to keep prices down. Ordering parts wholesale and in bulk and having a great relationship with equipment dealers allows Garden City to save money on parts and pass the savings along to customers. Prices are fair and reasonable, and financing is available to anyone who needs to apply.

Missoula Air Conditioning Service for summer

Proof of Missoula Air Conditioning Great Service

There is no greater proof of a company’s competence than the actual words of satisfied customers. Rave reviews are a great sign that you’re calling the right people for the job. See what customers have to say about their experience with Garden City’s Missoula air conditioning service and plumbing and heating services. It’s easy to see why Garden City is locally known to be the best plumbing and HVAC Company in the area.

“Not just good but excellent,” “Great Service,” “very efficient and convenient,” “Very Thorough, Professional,” “A Great Company,” “Quick Installation,” “They were super,” “Professional Courteous, and Knowledgeable” are a handful of comments posted online by satisfied customers.

You can find detailed reviews written by satisfied clients on Garden City’s website. Here’s what some had to say particularly about their Missoula air conditioning service:

HaroldMT called them a “Dealer with Integrity.” He said, “This dealer provides prompt and efficient service from the sales to the completions of the installation. They are prompt and dependable.”

BDeshner said, “Just had Lennox air conditioning put in, love it. Unit works great. Only know it’s working because the house stays cool… Great customer service from sales to insulation to setting up the warranty paper work.”

Harmons stated, “My home required additional duct modifications and I also requested installation of a cooling coil in my system to enable future installation of an AC unit. The technicians completing the installation were very cordial and professional and did a fantastic job!”

Bill8o8 commented, “Salesman inspected our house for an a/c upgrade. He took time to be thorough. The installers came on time and worked hard… Very happy with the experience.”

Call the best Missoula Air Conditioning Service to Prep for Summer!

Ultimately, there are several competitors offering Missoula air conditioning service to residents and property managers in the area. You can search online and ask friends and neighbors for referrals. There is nothing like having a company you can trust and know that you’re getting great work at a fair price. Garden City Plumbing & Heating is one company that will answer you call and do what they can to earn your loyalty. Get ready for summer with the best Missoula air conditioning service!

Missoula Air Conditioning
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