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HVAC Repair in Missoula Montana

You may have one of the more common HVAC systems like a furnace or boiler. Or, you may have a less common type like radiant in-floor heat or geothermal. Either way, one thing is for certain.  At some point, you’re going to need a repair.  Let’s take a look at the common problems of each! (Click on the link for more detailed information about common problems of each type.) 

Problems common to all HVAC systems 

1.     A common issue, no matter the type of heater, is a malfunctioning thermostat.  It might just need a new battery or it might need to be fully replaced. Check to make sure this is working proudly before tearing apart an entire HVAC System. 

2.     A tripped circuit breaker can look like massive multi-system failure.  But fewer things are easier to fix than flipping that switch back on! 

Common Boiler Problems and Repairs in Western Montana 

1.     When there is a leak in the boiler system, it needs to be repaired ASAP not just to get your boiler functioning properly again, but also to prevent other parts from getting corroded.  

2.     Having high water pressure in the boiler system can cause other parts to fail. Lowering water pressure is a common repair needed and should be done a soon as you are alerted of a problem.

3.     Oxidation happens. Especially when you are working with water.  Corroded parts in a boiler system need to be replaced to ensure the boiler maintains effectiveness. 

4.     As happens with all things, heating elements in boiler systems can get old and wear out.  Replacing one will restore the warmth that you expect out of your heating system. 

Common Furnace Repairs in Missoula Montana 


1.     Regular maintenance of the furnace is paramount to keeping it running smoothly. Simple things like changing the air filter monthly, ensuring the pilot light is lit, and scheduling yearly maintenance are key to keeping your furnace working properly. 

2.     If the limit switch on a furnace goes bad, it can make the blower continuously run. Getting the limit switch replaced should restore functionality to your boiler.

3.     If the heat exchanger on a furnace is cracked, it can release dangerous fine into your home, like carbon monoxide. If you notice an odd smell or see soot on the surfaces in your home, call a technician at Garden City Plumbing and Heating immediately.  

Common Radiant In-floor Heating Repairs in Missoula MT 

1.     Damaged electric cables in radiant in-floor heating can be dangerous.  If there is a new hole in your floor, for whatever reason, and then you experience a lack of heat, call a technician at Garden City Plumbing and Heating immediately.  A broken electrical cable can cause a fire and if you think it could be a possibility, do not hesitate to get it fixed!

2.     Heating mats can wear out over time. Sometimes it can get damaged and sometimes it simply wears out. Be sure to turn off power to the mat to prevent a possible electrical hazard and call Garden City Plumbing and Heating. 

Common Geothermal Heating Repairs in Missoula 

1.     If the heat exchange coils in a geothermal heating system get corroded, they’ll need to be fixed or the whole system may need to be updated.

2.     Leaks in Underground Pipes in Geothermal Heating Systems can cause larger problems than a lack of heat. While some pipes circulate water,  some have refrigerants.  If the leaking pipe has refrigerant, groundwater can get contaminated. This can be repaired without digging up large portions of your yard, but it is best to call a professional at Garden City Plumbing and Heating as soon as possible.  

3.     Ductwork problems in geothermal heating systems can include a faulting fan, clogged air filter or gap somewhere in the line. Many of these can be simple fixes. If you can’t find the problem but suspect you may have a ductwork issue, schedule an inspection to ensure your heating system gets back to working optimally. 

Replacement HVAC System Missoula MT If your heating unit is older and repairs are becoming a more regular occurrence, it may be time to replace your unit.  You may decide to stick with the same type of heating and cooling system you’ve been using or you may want to make a change.  Whatever you are considering, expert technicians at Garden City Plumbing and Heating will set you up for comfort and success!

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