Heating Missoula Montana

As fall ticks on toward winter, one thing is for certain, your heater will soon be working its hardest to keep the family warm! Regular maintenance can make sure it stays strong through those cold months. And when it gets tired, Garden City Plumbing will answer the call for whatever repair you need. Make sure you keep the temp right to keep the whole family happy!

Service Boilers in Western Montana

Gas boilers should last between 10 to 15 years. Some are designed to last 8 to 10 years. Of course, there are many factors, such as the make and model, as well as how well it is maintained. It is generally recommended to have regular maintenance check on your boiler system every year.

Maintenance and Furnace Repair Missoula

Both gas and oil furnaces generally last between 15 and 20 years. Some oil furnaces can hold on for up to 25 years. There are many variables that can push yours toward either one end of the spectrum or the other. For example, if it too small for your space, it will be working harder and causing more wear and tear over time, causing it to last a shorter period. You should make sure to have your furnace serviced every year.

Heat pump Service in Missoula

A heat pump system lasts an average of 15 years. Newer models can last longer. The main factor in the life expectancy of a heat pump is maintenance. Both air-sourced and water-sourced heat pumps are efficient at both heating and cooling your home for a long time. A dual-source typically lasts longer than either single-source heat pump. Ensure your heat pump has a regular maintenance done by a licensed professional every 6 months.

What you should do for your Missoula Heater

Replace air filter. Many people are under the impression that air filters on their heater is to make sure the home has clean air pumping around it. In actuality, the air filter is to keep debris from getting into the heater. If it gets full, air flow can get restricted, thus causing the heater to work harder. Which, in turn, causes your heating bill to go up.

Schedule Regular Maintenance in Missoula. Making sure your heater is inspected, cleaned, and adjusted as needed can not only prevent repairs, but it can prolong the life of your heater! And most importantly, it can prevent your home from getting cold when the weather gets cold!

Schedule repairs immediately with Garden City. If you wait to perform upkeep on components, such as replacing a fan belt or lubricating parts of the motor, those small problems can quickly become big problems. And quick, inexpensive fixes can become extensive, expensive fixes. Give Garden City Heating and Cooling a call as soon as you have a problem!

Better yet, give us a call for all your heating, cooling and plumbing needs in Missoula Montana! We’ll be sure to answer and make sure your home is running smoothly!