Central Plumbing and Heating – Split Systems are the Number 1 Choice

Central plumbing and heating systems are vital to maintaining a comfortable, safe indoor space. Using a split system HVAC unit is a great way to people happy and healthy in your home or place of business. How does your plumbing tie into HVAC? Keep reading to find out!

central plumbing and heating - best HVAC systems
central plumbing and heating – best HVAC systems

Central Plumbing and Heating Defined – HVAC and Split Systems

Having one central system for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is better known as a modern HVAC system. This is a system that has been made popular in homes and businesses since the 1970s, and for good reason. Central plumbing and heating systems use water to create and transport cool and warm air evenly from room to room. The purpose of central plumbing and heating is to use principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer to create temperature comfort inside, but let’s not get too technical here.

How HVAC Works

HVAC systems use either a furnace or a boiler to create heat. Furnaces heat and pump air through vents. Boilers heat water to distribute through pipes and radiators. For cooling, the compressor pumps a chemical called refrigerant through the ductwork and carries the conditioned air into all of the rooms. Besides heating and cooling, HVAC systems can also work like a fan to circulate indoor air for better air quality. The air goes through a filter before being blown back out into the space. All three of these options can be controlled by a single thermostat, which is a small box installed on an inside wall in a convenient place.

Split System HVAC

While there are different types of central heating systems, the most popular is a split system. This split system works from two main components: an outdoor cabinet with a condenser coil and compressor, and an indoor evaporator coil, which is usually installed with a furnace or air handler. Consult a professional HVAC contractor to discuss some need to know basics about residential heating systems before making a final decision.

Central plumbing and heating - buying a new HVAC system
Central plumbing and heating – buying a new HVAC system

Central Plumbing and Heating Problems

Consistent upgrades make this a system that adapts to the changing needs and demands of property owners. Routine maintenance is necessary in order to keep your HVAC system working efficiently and safely, whether you have a split system or one of the other types. Get your central plumbing and heating systems serviced once a year to keeping things running efficiently and give units a longer life expectancy.

Signs of HVAC Trouble

The first sign of trouble is usually when the temperature in your space becomes uncomfortable. There could be an electrical problem with the thermostat, piping or plumbing, or something with your compressor or condenser coils. To avoid serious problems, inconvenient and expensive repairs, have your HVAC system checked before extreme weather hits. Don’t wait until the dead of winter or the hottest part of the summer to get your HVAC systems tuned up. Those are the seasons you will rely on your HVAC systems the most.

Another sign of trouble is when there is an unusual odor coming from your HVAC system or air vents. The odor could be cause of something as simple as needing to change the filter or it could be something more serious. Even though HVAC systems use water, they’re not directly connected to your central plumbing. Therefore, if you have a plumbing problem, it won’t affect your heating and cooling system.

Get Help Right Away

Don’t wait to address these issues. These signs could indicate a serious situation like a chemical leak, electrical fire, or dangerously unregulated temperatures. Get help right away, no matter the time of day. Garden City has 24/ 7 emergency repair service so you can get help from a professional HVAC technician any time you need it.

Central plumbing and heating is better than alternative heating and cooling methods
Central plumbing and heating is better than alternative heating and cooling methods

Benefits to using a Central Plumbing and Heating System

An obvious benefit of having central plumbing and heating is that without them, you’d be limited to using fireplaces, space heaters, and electric fans to keep comfortable. These alternative methods of heating and cooling are not ideal because it’s impossible to create an even temperature throughout your home or building. These options are not energy efficient, either. Thankfully, installing a central plumbing and heating system is affordable and easy to maintain with help from your local HVAC company.

Benefits of central plumbing and heating:

  • Smart HVAC systems work more efficiently to lower your carbon footprint. Because of this, federal tax rebates are available for owning an energy efficient device.  
  • With lower energy use, you will see a decrease in your monthly utility bills saving you money each year.
  • Thermostats are programmable so you can set lower temps for night time and when you’re away.
  • Modern central plumbing and heating systems use high- tech noise absorbing materials so they can run much quieter than older systems.
  • The technology and dual processing works of these systems allow them to have long life expectancies.
  • Extended warranties come pretty standard to help maintain good use of these systems.
  • Having such a system increases the resale value of your property.
Central plumbing and heating systems- split HVAC systems
Central plumbing and heating systems- split HVAC systems

Find Comfort with Central Plumbing and Heating Systems

Even air distribution (both cool and warm) and quality ventilation are key to being comfortable indoors. With the right central plumbing and heating system, you’ll be prepared for weather all year, regardless of outside temps. With our split system and HVAC technologies, it’s easy to control the atmosphere in your home or business!