5 Common Furnace Problems to Call your Missoula Heating Contractor About

When you are having problems with your HVAC system, panic can rise up quickly. As we walk through the steps to dealing with the likely culprits, you can take a sigh of relief!

1.       Start by ensuring the type of heating system you have.  Remember that boilers heat water and furnaces heat air.  If you have forced air, you’re dealing with a furnace.  If there are radiators, you’ve got a boiler system.  If you have a furnace, this article is for you. If you have a boiler or other system, check out the common problems of other systems.

2.       If you have a furnace, notice any symptoms that help pinpoint the problem causing the symptoms.

3.       Once you know what the problem is, call your local Missoula Heating Contractors to get your furnace system heating properly again.

Common Symptoms #1: Your Missoula Electric Bill is Higher Than Normal

The filters in your Missoula Furnace system might be clogged.  This can cause the system to work harder and longer to achieve your desired temperature.  You should be able to see a difference in your bill once you have replaced the dirty filter. 

Improper airflow could be causing your furnace system to work harder than it should be, in turn causing your heating bill to be higher than normal.  If you cannot find any blockages in the system, including around vents and return air ducts, the blockage may be inside the ductwork. 

Common Symptoms #2: Your Montana Furnace keeps cycling back on

This could be caused by a clogged filter.  If the system keeps trying to push air through and is not effectively warming the home, it will keep kicking back on, in an attempt to get the home to the desired temperature.  If this is the problem, neglecting it can cause bigger problems. 

Your furnace continually kicking on could be a sign that you have the wrong size furnace for your home.  If it is working and working and the home is not hitting the desired temperature or just barely getting there, your home may need a different sized furnace.  Call your local Missoula heating Contractor to see what your options are. 

Common Symptom #3: Your Missoula Furnace is not Blowing Hot Air

This could be caused by a blower being restricted. Ensure that your blower is not clogged and remove any debris.   

 If there is a red flashing light on your furnace, you will need to call a Missoula heating contractor to repair the problem.

Common Problem #4: Your Missoula Furnace Will Not Stop Blowing Air

This can be caused by a faulty limit switch.  A local HVAC professional needs to be called to make this repair. 

A faulty thermostat can cause a furnace to continually blow air.  This can mean the thermostat needs a new battery or that the whole thermostat went bad.  These can wear out over time and need to be replaced. 

Common Symptom #5: Unusual Noises Coming From your Montana Furnace

A variety of sounds can come from a furnace, even on a good day.  If you hear anything out of the norm, read through the following list to try to determine what your problem is and the appropriate course of action.

If you hear a scraping sound, turn off your system immediately!  It could be caused by a worn out ball bearing. Call a Missoula Heating Contractor to get your system repaired and heating your home again ASAP!

If you hear rattling, you are likely hearing loose panels.  If you can find the loose panel and tighten the screws on it, you should be good to go.

If you hear popping, you are likely hearing the ductwork expand or contract.  This expanding could be louder than normal because of damaged ductwork.  The ductwork should be checked during a yearly tune-up at the beginning of the heating season.  If you find a crack, you could be losing heated air and your whole system will be less efficient.  

Popping sounds can also be caused by dirty burners.  This can become dangerous and damage other parts of your heating system. It is best to have the system serviced by a Missoula Heating Contractor ASAP!

 If you hear grinding, parts are wearing out and closer to breaking every cycle that passes.  This is likely caused by a problem with the blower wheel within the furnace. Do not hesitate to call your Missoula Heating Contractor to service your system and do any repairs necessary.

Call your Missoula Heating Contractor to Get Your Home Heated Properly This Winter

As you can see, common symptoms you experience with a furnace symptom can range from pretty cheap and simple to costly and time consuming.  Call a Missoula Heating Contractor you can trust, Garden City Heating and Plumbing to get your furnace back up and running quickly!