13 Steps to Prevent Extensive Missoula Plumbing Repairs This Summer

Now that summer has finally come back, it is time to do those plumbing repairs and maintenance steps that we put off over the winter.  Whether the garbage disposal needs to be replaced or you suspect a leak has developed somewhere in the underground pipes, don’t wait until it is winter again to make the call.  Here are 4 types of inspections to prevent Plumbing Repairs, and then we’ll go over Preventative Steps you can take this summer and throughout the year!

4 Inspections That Will Prevent Missoula Plumbing Repair

1.       Schedule a Sewer Line Inspection.  If there is a small leak, tree roots will head for it and can cause larger damage.  Be sure to schedule this early enough that any necessary repairs can be made before the ground hardens in the winter cold.  The frost layer can be several feet deep depending on the temperature and amount of snow, making a winter sewer line repair more difficult and more costly.

2.       Schedule a Water Pressure Test.  If your water pressure is too hard, it will put extra wear and tear on your whole system.  This can cause piping and appliances to wear out faster.  If your water pressure is too low, you could be wasting time and energy.  It can take longer to fill a bathtub or washing machine.  Ensuring you have proper pressure will save you time and money.

3.       Schedule a Water Heater Inspection twice a year.  A traditional water tank water heater needs to be drained regularly to prevent sediment building up.  Ensuring any issues are caught and fixed early is vital in preventing extensive water damage. 

4.       This summer, check out your Lawn Sprinkler System. The sprinkler heads can get clogged or damaged.  Also, make sure that your system has a working rain sensor so that your timed watering doesn’t kick on during or right after a storm. 

6 Summer Preventative steps that will Prevent Missoula Plumbing Repair

1.       After those offroad adventures or lake days, excessively soiled people and pets should be washed off outside.  Showering lots of dirt or debris down the drain can cause extra wear and tear or a clog in the pipes. 

2.       With the kids home from school for summer, the extra use can take its toll.  Make sure they know how much toilet paper the pipes can handle.  If you have little ones, make sure they know to keep toys and tooth brushes away from the drains. 

3.       Brush your pets frequently.  As they are losing their winter coats, the excess fur can come off during bath time and cause clogs. 

4.       Make sure your sump pump is working properly before the storms start! Put some water in the sump basin with the pump on and make sure you see the water level get lower.  You don’t want to find a malfunction as inches of water collect in your basement or crawl space.   

5.       Know where your main water valve is and shut your water off while you are traveling on that well-deserved summer vacation.  The most effective way to prevent coming home to a disaster, is to stop the water from running while you are away!  If you have utilities like a sprinkler system that you do not want to shut off, you can close valves to most of your appliances individually or have somebody check on your home regularly.

6.       Sweaty pipes full of condensation can mask a leak in your system.  If you suspect a leak, there are methods to see if the fluid is coming from inside the pipe, or just from the ambient space.  Be sure to call Garden City Plumbing to check for a leak and fix or repair any necessary components.   

3 Year-Round steps to Prevent Missoula Plumbing Repairs

1.       Don’t put fibrous foods, like banana peels, as well as egg shells and non-food items in the garbage disposal.  Also, fats and oils should not go down any drain, as they can slowly build-up and cause hard clogs in the pipes. 

2.       Upgrade older fixtures. Old fixtures are often less efficient than the latest technology.  Aside from updates, gears wear out and become less effective and less efficient with years of use.  By replacing fixtures that are on their last legs, you can prevent catastrophic water damage that can occur when they completely die.

3.       Don’t ignore odors! Properly working plumbing systems should work without odors being present.  If there is a smell, it could indicate a leak, crack, a bad seal or a failing component.  This can be a health hazard so be sure to take it seriously! 

You can save thousands of dollars in water damage by maintaining your equipment.  Whether you have been nursing a plumbing problem since the winter or want to schedule yearly maintenance, the summer months are here and now is the time!  Don’t put it off any longer.  Call Garden City Plumbing today to schedule an inspection, preventative maintenance or necessary repairs.