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Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Needs

  • Does your air conditioner seem to constantly run on high power?
  • Are your utility bills higher than they should be in the summer?
  • Is it time to upgrade your cooling system to a more efficient model?
  • Are you concerned with developing a mold problem due to the humidity?
  • How long ago were the filters and vents cleaned on your cooling system?

  • Life in Missoula Montana requires a functioning air conditioner. Prepare for humidity and heat and prevent bigger problems like mold and poor air quality.
  • Get cooling help NOW!
Cooling Service You Can Count On

Garden City Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offers a range of HVAC services, including air conditioning installations, repairs, and routine maintenance. Our expert technicians are prepared to identify and address problems in every make and model of air conditioning unit. We are committed to providing high quality HVAC systems to improve air quality and comfort indoors.

Garden City Plumbing & Heating, Inc. can help you save money and get the most out of your cooling system. Our comfort consultants are trained to inspect your home or commercial space, search for structural leaks, and pinpoint any problematic areas. Sometimes the most basic improvements will drive down the cost of your utility bills!

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Here are some of the cooling services available for your home or commercial space:

Residential and coomercial air conditioning repair

Equipment failure happens. But when it does, know that our team is available to get your system running efficiently.

Residential/Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance programs custom tailored to your facilities equipment to help protect your investment

New Air Conditioning System Installation

If it's time for an upgrade to that noisy, old dinosaur in your back yard, or you are looking for an escape from the summer heat for the first time, we offer some of the quietest and most energy efficient air conditioning systems available.

Ductless Cooling System

Ductless Cooling Systems are a great way to escape the heat without having to tear your home up with obtrusive ductwork. They are simple, affordable and quiet and can be custom matched to your home and your life.

Indoor Air Quality

If dry skin, dust and lingering smells are driving you crazy, we can help. We offer advanced filtration systems, humidifiers and other unique solutions to help you breathe easy and improve the quality of your home environment.

Misoula Humidifiers

Humidifiers - As the weather cools down, the air in your home dries out. Reduce dry skin and stuffy sinuses. Whole home comfort is at your fingertips with a humidifier.

Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems - Not all filtration systems are the same. We offer numerous options from the basic to a Pure Air filtration system that uses florescent technology to remove a large percentage of dust particles in the homes air.

Air Conditioning Upgrade

Tired of paying a fortune to the power company every month? Not only can we help reduce your monthly utility costs, but we can also help you navigate the many rebates, tax credits and incentives to stretch your money further.

Air Conditioner Zone Control

Do you find one room of your home is not heating or cooling properly? Zone control may be a good option to fix this issue. Give us a call to help find the solution for whole home comfort.

Home Energy Audits

Sometimes heating and cooling systems get all the blame for high utility bills, hot and cold spots and even bad indoor air. Often we find that by taking a look at the bigger picture, our clients can eliminate or reduce these issues without changing their furnace and air conditioning system. We have the knowledge and tools to help with a Whole Home Energy Audit.

Duct Sealing (Aeroseal)

Did you know that most duct systems lose between 25-40% of the air they move? That's a lot of wasted dollars! Our unique Aeroseal duct sealing process plugs these holes from the inside out so you can be more comfortable while you save money every month. It might even help with that pesky dust problem you've been having too.

Air Conditioning Thermostat

Sometimes a fresh, easy to use control is all you need. From WiFi thermostats that give you peace of mind while you are on the go to a control that you can just set and forget, we've got the right solution for you.

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