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Welcome to Garden City

It is not a coincidence that we share our name with the nickname of the beautiful city that we are lucky enough to call home.

We are Garden City Plumbing & Heating, Missoula is known as "The Garden City", and together WE ARE Garden City.

We have been fortunate enough to experience tremendous growth and success since our founding in 1985. We know none of it would have been possible without the unending trust and support from our customers and community. This understanding is what fuels how we approach everything. The Garden City Way.

Quality work and support our customers can rely on.

Safety First.

The health and safety of our team and customers is top priority.

When it comes to our team, safety always comes first. We want to make sure we empower our team members with the latest safety equipment and training that allows them to not only complete their job during the day; but also, safely return to their loved ones when the work day is over.

For our customers, our focus is to use our skills to make their home or business the safest place they are all day. Whether plumbing , heating, cooling, or indoor air quality; we are focused on providing the best and safest solutions.

Our Approach

People choose to work with Garden City because of our vast experience, and our no-nonsense approach to the work we do.

Whether you have a preconceived notion of the solutions you are looking for, or you are starting with a clean slate; we look at it as our responsibility to recommend the best products and solutions to fit your need.

We approach each project as if it was our own.

It is that ownership mentality that gives our customers that confidence that comes with working with Garden City.

Perpetual Growth.

As the saying goes, "You are either green and growing or ripe and rotting."

Once you think you know it all, you are doomed for failure.

We never allow ourselves to get complacent.

At Garden City, we foster an approach to business and life of continuous improvement and perpetual growth. We are always putting ourselves in situations to learn about the latest products and services available in our industry.

Focusing on where the industry is going, not where it has been.

Our Values.

  • Integrity.

    We are consistent in our approach. Always doing what we say and adhering to our principles and values.

  • Honesty.

    We are always straightforward with our customers. We make recommendations because they are the best choice for our customers, not for Garden City.

  • Excellence.

    We are always focused on being the best, always trying to learn and improve.

  • Collaboration.

    At Garden City, we work as a team to combine our unique gifts and talents in an effort to best serve our customers.

  • Respect.

    Respect is always shown to team members and customers. There are no exceptions.

Our vision for the future.

Although we are appreciative of how far we've come, we always have our eyes looking forward to where we are going. With that said, we take the time to create a company Vivid Vision. The latest version is our Garden City Plumbing and Heating 2024 Vivid Vision. Creating a Vivid Vision brings the future into the present, so everyone has clarity on what we're building now and where it will take us in the future.

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