Winter Problems: Why is My House So Cold?

If you are tired of your Missoula house not being warm and comfortable, you probably just want answers! Fortunately, your local Missoula HVAC contractors have compiled a list of 7 items to check on.  We’ll start with smaller, simpler things to fix and work up to the more worrisome culprits of a cold home.

1.    Your Thermostat Needs New Batteries.

This is quick and simple to check and just as simple to fix.  A low battery can make a thermostat do weird things.  And they all magically go away when the batteries are replaced with new ones. If your home is not warm, check this first.

2.    Your Furnace’s Air Filter Needs to be Replaced.

If you have a furnace and you find yourself wondering why your home is so cold, it could be that your air filter needs replacing.  If your air filter is clogged, the heater will not be getting enough air to function properly. This will cause it to blow cool air.  If you have a clogged filter and wait too long to replace it, further damage to your furnace can occur.  Be sure to replace your air filter every 1-3 months.

3.    Your Heater Needs a Tune-Up.

Sometimes, you just need a Missoula HVAC Contractor to come out and service your heating unit.  You should have your heater serviced yearly and this will prevent larger problems from developing. Electrical wiring can get loose or need to be replaced.  Moving parts need to be lubricated and many parts need to be cleaned. Once you put all of the pieces in a place to work optimally, your cold home will quickly be comfy and warm again!

4.    There is a Problem With Your Ductwork or Piping Beyond The Heater.

Whether you have a heat pump, boiler, or furnace, the heat has to be sent from the heating unit out to the rooms.  Your heater is the central part of your heating system, while the pipes or ductwork is the peripheral part that takes the warmth to the different spaces in your home.  If you have ductwork taking forced air to floor vents, but the ductwork is improperly insulated, the air could be cool by the time it gets to the other end of your home.  If you have a boiler system with a leak in one of the tubes, you will not only have a lack of heat but potential water damage if you do not respond quickly.  The peripheral part of your heating can be the reason why your house is so cold, so be sure to contact a Missoula HVAC Contractor if you suspect this is the problem. 

5.    Your Insulation is Insufficient. 

Insulation is a bit of a big deal.  Whether you have hot water pipes or ductwork, it should be properly insulated as it travels around your home. You could also be losing heat because the house itself is not effectively insulated.  Windows can even be a noticeable site of heat loss.  Be sure your insulation is effective throughout your heating system and home to keep yourself from wondering why your home is so cold!

6.    Your Heater is Not The Right Size For Your Home.

Whether a previous owner installed your heater or you handled an installation yourself, it is possible that you are relying on the wrong-sized heater to keep your home warm.  Whether it was bad advice or finances, you could perpetually be frustrated with a wrong-sized heating unit.  You may want to buy a space heater and make do, or you may want to replace your heating unit.  Either way, give your local Missoula HVAC contractor a call to see if this is what your problem is and what your options are.

7. There is a Problem with Your Heater.

If you have gotten to this point in the list, you are probably starting to worry.  The first few reasons were pretty quick and cheap fixes.  The reality is that parts go bad and units get old.  If you’re frustrated trying to figure out why your house is so cold, it might be that something has gone wrong with your heater.  If you got it serviced in the past year and everything seemed fine, then something could have broken in the meantime.  Call out your local Missoula HVAC Contractor to diagnose your problem and get you on track to having a warm home again.  You may just need to replace a small part and not your entire heating unit. 

Call Your Local Missoula HVAC Contractor to Find out Why Your Home is so Cold!

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