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Winter problems – Uneven Heating in Missoula Montana Houses

Winter problems – Uneven Heating in Missoula Montana houses

If you are frustrated with your heating system because it is unevenly heating your house, the solution will vary depending on what type of heater your home uses.  If you are trying to figure out how to balance heat in your house, take a look at what the culprits likely are.  We will start with problems common to all heaters and move to problems specific to each type of heating system.


Uneven Heating in Missoula Home

1.       Make sure you do not have electrical devices close to your thermostats.  These can emit heat and make the thermostat think the home is warmer than it really is.

2.       If you have a lot of windows or external doors, these can let heat escape your home.  Consider using insulating curtains or maybe installing newer windows with an extra pane of glass.  Also, check to make sure the edges are insulated properly.

3.       Consider insulation as a culprit.  If you have an older home, there could be a breakdown somewhere in the insulation that you can’t see.  Installing new installation can be complicated and pricey, but if you think this is the cause, the extra heating costs could completely counter balance the repair costs.

4.       Your home’s structure could be causing uneven heating.  Sometimes, a certain section of the home needs extra ventilation or extra force of air to heat it properly.  For example, it is common to have a separate thermostat on the second floor of a home.  Having separate thermostats for different sections can fix this issue.  Contact a professional if you want to check if a section of your home may benefit from having a separate thermostat.

Forced Air Uneven Heating in Missoula Montana

Furnaces and heat pumps both use forced air to heat spaces.  Either way, there are a few things you should check before considering problems specific to your type of heater.

1.       The first thing you should do is check to make sure the heat registers are open and the return air vents are not obstructed. 

2.       The second thing to do is replace the air filters.  This is THE most common culprit of uneven heating with a forced air system.  This should be done once a month as regular maintenance.   

3.       The next potential is a leak in the duct system. This could be caused by corroded or disconnected ductwork.  A professional should be called to inspect and repair this.

4.       If you think there is an imbalance in the outflow versus the return air flow, consider installing an additional return duct.  Contact a professional to ensure it would be the right fix and to get the job done right.

Furnace Heating Uneven houses in Western Montana

Problems specific to a furnace have specific answers.  Once you have checked the problems common to all forced air heating systems, it is time to get more precise to your furnace heating unit.

1.       Your furnace may be due for maintenance.  If you have not had regular tune-up in over a year, this could be causing your heating woes. A professional can come by to ensure your machine is in ideal working order.

2.       Next thing to consider is if the furnace is the right size for your home.  If it was not sized properly or if you have put on an addition since it was installed, the uneven heating in your house could be occurring because it is the wrong size for your home.  Call a professional for a consultation if you think this could be the cause. 

Uneven Baseboard Heating in Western Montana

Baseboard heaters typically heat a home by either a furnace or electricity.  The problems causing uneven heating are pretty specific to each type so we will jump right to them.

Boiler uneven heating in house in Missoula Montana

1.       Make sure the control valves are open for each section of baseboards. If one is closed, that section of the home will experience uneven heating until the valve is matched with the rest of the home.

2.       Replace any missing or damaged baseboard covers or fins.  Damaged sections can experience lower output.

3.       Next thing to ensure is the circulator pump is flowing through to all sections of the home.  If you think this is the problem, call a professional to inspect your system.

4.       Air bound sections may cause the hot water to flow through certain sections.  This requires bleeding sections or possibly the full system.  If you are not sure how to do this, call a professional to get your heater running properly again.

5.       A zone valve may be malfunctioning and need replacing.  If a valve is preventing the hot water from flowing through to certain sections of your home, call a professional to inspect the system, and perform any repairs needed.

6.       If you notice your boiler short-cycling, meaning that it does not complete a full cycle but kicks off and then comes back on fairly soon, call a technician right away.  Uneven heating is only one symptom of this major problem.

Electric Baseboards causing Uneven Heating in Western Montana Homes

1.       Electric baseboards, by nature, are disconnected from each other with individual thermostats.  You may experience uneven heating if one unit is turned off or set to a lower temperature while another is set to be much warmer.  Ensure each unit is set to a temperature you want for that space.

2.       Uneven heating with electric baseboards can be caused by something as simple as clothes or curtains blocking the flow of heat.  Make sure you do not have anything covering the baseboards.

3.       If different heat sections of the home are on a different circuit breaker, a shorted circuit could stop a section from being heated.  Just reset the breaker and you should be good to go.

4.       A potentially dangerous cause of uneven heating is a wiring issue inside the electric baseboard.  A partially disconnected wire can cause uneven heating, and in some cases, can cause a fire. If you suspect this is the issue, call a professional immediately.

As you can see, a heater is not just a heater.  Uneven heating in your Missoula home does not necessarily have an obvious fix.  Know what type of heater you have and give Garden City Heating and Plumbing a call.  With experience and know-how, your home will be evenly heated in no time!

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