Winter Heating Problems: 4 Common HVAC Symptoms and What the Cause Could Be

Are you wondering “what is wrong with my HVAC system”?  All sorts of things can happen and cause frustrating symptoms in your heating system. Whether your bedroom is warmer than the rest of the house or the heater keeps kicking on while the whole house feels cold, there is a fix!  Knowing what steps to take will ease the stress so you can tackle the problem! Let’s look at some common HVAC symptoms and see what the cause likely is. 

Why is my Bedroom Hotter than the Rest of the House in Winter in Montana?

 This can be caused by your HVAC system or a structural issue, like faulty insulation.  Sometimes, a cracked window can be forgotten about until the spare room just will not warm up! The windows themselves can be the cause of one room being warmer than the rest.  A 3-paned window will insulate better than a 2-pane window. The insulation around a window can also release heat out of the home.   A clogged air filter on a heater can impede airflow so that only the rooms closer to the unit receive heated air.  Broken, disconnected or poorly insulated ductwork can cause air to stop flowing to all spaces properly.   All of these things must be considered and checked to find the culprit of unevenly heated spaces.

Why is my Heater Blowing Cold Air in Western Montana?

If you are constantly cold in your home or commercial space, there could be any one of a number of problems. One of the most common causes for a heater blowing cold air is a clogged filter.   If you change the air filter regularly, you can check a few other simple culprits like a dead battery in the thermostat.  However, you should be aware that causes for this can range from very simple to very complex.  The answer will also depend upon what type of heat source your house uses.  For example, you could need to refill the gas or check if the pilot light is out.  You can check for some of the smaller causes yourself, but you should have a professional come do an inspection to ensure your unit is safe!

Why does my Heater Keep Kicking on in Missoula, Montana?

 If you hear your heater kicking on but your home or business space is still cold, there could be a few different culprits. Heat cycling is the technical term for this.  It is commonly caused by dirty air filters, which is a simple fix.  Another simple fix is a faulty thermostat.   It can also be caused by blocked intake or outflow, so check to make sure those vents are not blocks with debris.  If these easy fixes do not set your heater straight, call a professional because you may have a bigger issue inside your heater.

Why is my Heater Making Noise in Missoula, Montana?

 You would be surprised how much can be diagnosed by the type of sound a heater is making, and when it happens.  If you find yourself wondering why your furnace is so noisy, listen to whether it is buzzing, bumping, humming, etc.  Rattling is often a sign of a loose panel and can be fixed simply by tightening a loose screw.  Knocking is likely to be caused by a faulty belt or bearings.  Each type of sound has a different likely cause.  Call a professional and be ready to describe the sound and when in the cycle you hear it.  This will help diagnose the problem and schedule repairs. 

 You may want an inspection to double check your small fix or maybe you need a technician to handle a larger problem.  Simple maintenance, like replacing air filters, is a great place to start.  If problems persist once you have checked these items, a professional can get your heater back up and running smoothly. Garden City Plumbing and Heating has installed and repaired just about every type of heater in Missoula, so give the guys a call to make sure your home is warm and comfortable!

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