Why Choose a Central Air Conditioning System? – Info on Whole House AC Units

When doing a renovation or other building project, one decision you’ll need to make is what type of air conditioning system to install. Take a look at the reasons you should choose whole house AC units, aka central air.

whole house ac units
whole house ac units

How It Works: Understanding Whole House AC Units

Whole house AC units (aka central air) are the most popular style of air conditioning. It’s no wonder why! With ducts hidden behind walls and under floors, whole house AC units are a great investment.

Whole house AC units are three-component systems: a condenser, an evaporator and a compressor. The condenser and compressor are normally in the outdoor unit. Similarly to other styles of air conditioning, refrigerant is what does the job of cooling the air as it moves through the copper tubing. Then the filtered, cooled air rushes through ducts to cool every room in your house.

Central air removes humidity to keep everyone comfortable and dry. With some routine maintenance and a solid warranty, you won’t have to think about replacing it for decades.

For more details on how these whole house AC units work, check out this link or watch the video below.

Whole House AC Units – How Central Air Conditioning Works

Pros & Cons of Whole House AC Units

Just as with ductless air conditioning or any other type of HVAC system, you should understand the benefits and risks of whole house AC units and compare them to other options.

Advantages of Whole House AC Units

There are many advantages to central air conditioning. Here are five great reasons you’ll want to give whole house AC units a serious look!

1. Consistency in Temperature

One of the best advantages of whole house AC units is the consistent temperature you will feel throughout your home. Because duct work is built into the entire structure, you only set one thermostat to control all of the air vents and, presto! Every room will be cooled to your comfort level.

2. Efficiency

Central air is much more efficient than running a bunch of window air conditioners. When you’re shopping for whole house AC units, consider the amount of space you’re working with an make sure the unit is built to handle a house of that size. A unit that’s too big or too small isn’t good. When it’s done right, whole house AC units work very efficiently. Here’s a helpful guide to measuring your space for BTU’s.

3. Filtered Air

A whole house AC unit helps to improve the air quality in your home. Filtering the air indoors helps to reduce dust and allergies. If you’re not sure if whole house AC units are right for you, consider the benefits of the purer air.

4. Quiet Operations

Tired of old AC window units and their loud humming throughout the house? Upgrade your house to central air and you won’t have that problem anymore! The main unit is kept outdoors and you won’t even notice when the system is running or when it’s off. It’s that quiet!

5. Programmable Thermostat

Another advantage to whole house AC units is the ability to program your thermostat on a schedule. You can set it so your home will be cool when it counts without running it all day for an empty house. Being able to do that helps makes central air conditioning a no-brainer!

benefits to whole house ac units
benefits to whole house ac units

Disadvantages of Whole House AC Units

Of course, we can’t mention the pros without telling you about the cons. There are some downsides to central air:

Expensive Installation

Unless you already have a duct work system in place, converting to whole house AC units means you will need an installation crew for putting in not only the compressor and other units, but the full duct work throughout the house, too. While the end result is worth the payout, you’ll have a pretty big bill and it will take some labor to complete.

Higher Energy Bills

Don’t forget that once your brand new system is installed, you’re going to have an adjustment on your electric bill and it won’t be lower. While window units are a pain for many reasons, central air does cost a considerable amount more. Keep in mind, there are tips and tricks to help cut costs where possible.

Mold and Mildew

Compared to other air conditioning systems, whole house AC units require less maintenance, however if not kept clean, ducts can get moldy. That is not what you want blowing through your house! Remember to schedule routine maintenance and cleaning for healthy air and peace of mind!

whole house ac units filter the air

Compare Other Types of HVAC Units Before Deciding on Central Air

Once you have the information you need about whole house AC units, check into some of the other kinds to compare the pros and cons. Ductless air conditioning is another popular option for specific spaces or unique layouts. In some cases, a basic window air conditioner may do the job. It all depends on your space and your needs.

Still not sold on ductless air conditioning? Check out the other options and learn all about “8 Types of Air Conditioning Systems.”

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