What is a HVAC Consultant? Great info for industry newbies

What is a HVAC Consultant, you ask? Here is some practical info about skills and salary to help you get a job in this field.

Intro to what is a HVAC Consultant

What is a HVAC Consultant?

Who do homeowners and business owners call when they need work done on heating, air conditioning and ventilation? They make an appointment with a HVAC consultant. This person is someone who knows all about HVAC and can help the customer to make educated decisions for installation, upgrades, or repairs. If you have great people skills and want to assist residential and commercial clients in the pre-purchase phase, this might be the perfect job for you!

The Purpose of a HVAC Consultant

HVAC companies across the nation work hard to build and install high performance heating and air conditioning systems. This type of work is high in demand because every house and building needs it! But, before installers can do their job, the customer needs a knowledgable and trustworthy person to show them what they need. This is where the HVAC consultant comes in. They not only match customers to contractor, but they also recommend products and solutions and help to set up the plan.

What the Position Entails

When you’re researching what is a HVAC consultant, you’ll find that the top requirement is a high level of attention to customers and great people skills. Good organizational skills are crucial and maintaining communication with customers and coworkers. In the roll of a consultant, consistent follow up on proposals and communications are defining factors of what is a HVAC consultant. HVAC consultants will meet with prospective customers, gather information about what they want and then create a proposal. Once the proposal is ready, the consultant will present the proposal to the customer and help them reach a decision. One of the final jobs is coordinating the customer’s project with the company installers to get the job done.

The best HVAC Consultants tend to have prior experience in HVAC sales and also are technically minded. You don’t need to have a background working in HVAC to begin a consultant job but the more industry knowledge you have, the better. Don’t forget about continuing your education! Some companies require industry training that will help keep you up to date on HVAC products and services.

what is a HVAC consultant salary

Best Job Perks for a HVAC Consultant

Being an HVAC consultant has its perks! Not only do you get to work with a lot of people in a dynamic setting, but the company will provide a number of benefits to help you build a long-standing, dependable career.

What is a HVAC Consultant Salary

The most obvious benefit of a HVAC consultant job is the salary. If you Google “what is a HVAC consultant salary” you’ll see averages in the range of $70k-$100k!

While entry level positions will pay less than senior positions, there is no bad place to start your career at a reputable HVAC company. With a little background experience and the right personal skills, companies will be willing to pay you a nice salary and train you even better on the technical end as you go.

Benefits for a HVAC Consultant

On top of your salary, additional benefits can include a company car, phone, and laptop. As a full-time employee you can join in any health or dental insurance plans and even a 401k when available. Every company varies, so when you interview for a job, be sure to ask everything that the company is offering to include. It pays to learn about what is a HVAC consultant!

HVAC Consultants are in High Demand

You won’t be sorry when you apply for an HVAC consultant position as they are a much needed employee. As a face to face representative of your company, your position is an important one. Every successful company needs their own consultants to help their business get ahead and run smoothly. Not only that, but being in an industry that has a high demand means better pay and better job stability, too.

Being a HVAC Consultant is Easy and Safe Compared to Other Types of Manual Labor

While HVAC is an industry of predominantly manual labor jobs, one exception is knowing what is a HVAC consultant. As a consultant, you not only avoid the stress of physical labor but you avoid the potential accidents that can occur with climbing ladders or working with hand tools and heavy materials. Even the installers in the HVAC industry have it good compared to many other labor intensive jobs such as the precarious heights that iron workers have to face or the high voltage that electricians and power line workers have to work with, to name a few.

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Build Your Career Working in HVAC

Whether you’re just starting out or you are a veteran in sales, look into what it is to be an HVAC consultant. This is a growing industry because the demand is always going to be there and the number of qualified manual laborers is dwindling – what better place to build your career!

Best characteristics for a HVAC employee

What is a HVAC consultant if not dependable? Reliability and dedication to customer service, paired with a drive to succeed and attention to detail – these are the top characteristics for this position. There are many other types of jobs in the HVAC industry, too. Do your research to learn the ins and outs of what it takes for each position. This information will make you a better candidate for the job, no matter which one you accept. Knowing the big picture and understanding the process from start to finish will make your job even easier.

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