Top Plumbing Problems in Your Home: Should You Fix it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

All Missoula homeowners deal with plumbing problems from time to time.  If you are not sure whether you have a small problem or an emergency, you have come to the right place.  Let’s look at five common household plumbing issues and at what point it will require a professional Missoula emergency plumbing repair company. 

1. Leaking Pipes in Missoula Homes

If the plumbing system in your residence has a leaking pipe, you can expect it only to get worse.  Leaks can start as just a drip and become a steady stream.  While pipe leaks NEED to be repaired soon and can eventually cause significant damage, they are often a problem that can be handled on the next business day.  Just turn off the water supply to that area of the plumbing system or at the master shutoff valve, if necessary.  Dry up any pooled water and put a fan on if the floor or walls have become wet. 

* When It’s Time to Call for a Missoula Emergency Plumbing Repair

If the leak has been going on long enough that it will cause damage to the plumbing system or other parts of your home, you are dealing with an emergency.  If the leak cannot be stopped by turning off the master water supply or if water has pooled somewhere that you cannot easily access to dry out, you should treat it as an emergency.  

2. Clogged Drains in Missoula Homes

All drains get clogged from time to time.  Homeowners and residents can handle many clogs with the right tools.  Every home should have a plunger with a flange for toilets in the home and a plunger without a flange for sinks.  A plunger can handle many clogs but some clogs require a snake or auger to clear hair or other debris in order to get water flowing again.   

* When It’s Time to Call for a Missoula Emergency Plumbing Repair

If there is any sort of sewage backup, there’s a risk of disease entering your home and you should be very careful with exposure.  If there is sewage backup, there could be a clog OR a crack in a pipe deep in the sewage system underground.  If you have any sort of sewage backup, it is time to call Garden City Plumbing and Heating for a Missoula emergency plumbing repair. 

3. Water Heater Malfunctions in Missoula Homes

If you have no hot water or have a limited amount of hot water in your Missoula home, it is likely time to get your water heater serviced, and possibly replaced. You may notice rust-colored water coming out of your faucets, which is a sign of corrosion in the water heater or elsewhere in the plumbing system.  Foul smells could be a sign of bacteria growth in your water heater.  If your water heater has a pilot light, check to make sure it is on.  If you have a limited amount of hot water, having your water heater serviced by a licensed technician is a good starting point.  

* When It’s Time to Call for a Missoula Emergency Plumbing Repair

A malfunctioning water heater is a problem that borders on being an emergency with no other factors.  If you are in the dead of winter with no hot water, your pipes could freeze and burst.  Not much time will pass before you have a significant need for hot water.  A small amount of hot water can be heated on the stove but if you need to shower, you will either need to head to the gym or to get your water heater fixed or replaced.  

4. Low Water Pressure in Missoula Homes

Low water pressure can be a sign of a number of significant plumbing problems.  From damaged pipes to water softener problems to municipal water supply issues.  It is best to bring in a professional plumber to diagnose your problems and make sure your plumbing system is running smoothly. 

* When It’s Time to Call for a Missoula Emergency Plumbing Repair

If you have low water pressure paired with gurgling noises, you could have a burst pipe in your home.  This can cause massive damage in a short amount of time.  If you suspect that you are dealing with a burst pipe, call Garden City Plumbing and Heating immediately.

5. Running Toilets in Missoula Homes

Often a running toilet is caused by a worn flapper.  Homeowners can usually figure out how to replace the flapper on their own. With parts from a local hardware store.  However, if you get into the project and realize the problem is bigger than you expected or you think you are causing further damage to your toilet, it may be time to call a Missoula plumbing contractor. 

* When It’s Time to Call for a Missoula Emergency Plumbing Repair

If there is damage to the gasket, the flushing mechanism, or the interior of the toilet, or if the leak is major, you will want to call out for a Missoula emergency plumbing repair in short order. Toilets are used way too often in a home to ignore issues for any length of time. 

Contact Garden City Plumbing When You Need a Missoula Emergency Plumbing Repair

There are many plumbing issues that can be handled by homeowners, from switching out a worn flapper to snaking a drain.  There comes a point when the problem requires more expertise or equipment than what most homeowners have.  
For all levels of Missoula emergency plumbing repair, Garden City Plumbing and Heating is ready and available to help out!  We are at the ready 24 hours a day to come out to your Missoula home – we’re just a call away!  Give us a call at (406) 728-5550 or contact us online when you need a helping hand!