Top 10 Newest Trends in Residential Plumbing

There are exciting new trends in the world of residential plumbing here in the Missoula Montana region.  In this article we are breaking down some of the most interesting and/or newest topics that are available to homeowners in Missoula.

New Trends in Missoula Plumbing?

Yep.  There are some amazing technologies that can make your plumbing an exciting part of your home.  Exciting?  Plumbing?  Well, maybe it is because we are plumbers that we get excited about this stuff … but from the conversations we have been having with Missoula homeowners and business owners, it seems like a lot of people may be excited about these new plumbing technologies and trends.

Top 10 Plumbing Trends in Missoula

Without further ado, here are the top 10 plumbing trends that we are seeing in Missoula and the surrounding area,

Tankless Water Heater

Missoula residents ask about tankless water heaters more than any of the other items on this list.  Instantly heat up unlimited amounts of water.  Hot water on demand.  Perfect for those cold days and nights.  Extra prefect if you have kids or teenagers!

Hot Water Recirculation

Did you know about this one?  Well, apparently the word is out in Missoula.  A great way to get the hot water to the fixture quickly is with a hot water recirculation system.

Smart Irrigation

Smart irrigation can save the homeowner money and produce better results for your lawn or garden by monitoring weath and soil conditions.  It’s … well, smart.

Leak Detectors

Leak detectors provide Missoula homeowners peace of mind by monitoring your pipes and detecting leaks that you can’t see – before they turn into bigger problems!

Touchless Faucet

We have all seen them in public bathrooms.  But why should this hygienic solution be reserved for the public? … what about your family?  In the Covid world it makes a lot of sense.  However, it really makes sense anyway.

Greywater Systems

For Missoula residents who are interested in water conservation, greywater systems are a great way to do your part.

Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are a common-sense improvement to many homes.  Don’t worry, it will NOT post to Instagram every time you go to the bathroom.

Smart Shower

If you haven’t tried a smart shower, boy do we have a treat for you.  Turn your daily shower into an experience.

Touchless Toilet

No more touching the dirty handle!  Yuck.  This is particularly good for grubby little kids!

Bluetooth Shower Head

Did you know about this one?  What in the world could a bluetooth showerhead be used for? … talk to one of our plumbing professionals and we’ll tell you or demonstrate it.  

Are You Interested in Any of These Plumbing Trends in Missoula?

We can help!  We handle all of this and much more!  Plumbing doesn’t have to be boring … it can be exciting and fun.   Contact Us – if you’d like a demo of any of these technologies … or if you have questions about how your Missoula home or family could benefit from these exciting new plumbing trends.

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