Radiant In-Floor Heating Maintenance and Repair in Missoula, Montana

Maintenance and repairs are a part of any system, including your home heating system!  With a hidden system, like Radiant in-floor heat, upkeep may seem extra stressful and even sometimes scary.  As with most systems, preventing issues with regular maintenance is the best route to take.  We will take a look at 6 things to have your Missoula heating contractors check before winter start and how to tell when you might have a problem. 

Check #1: Annual Pressure Check

It is important to make sure the pressure throughout the system is what it should be, EVERY YEAR!  Pressure that is too high, too low, or fluctuating can each indicate a number of problems.  Some problems might be simple to remediate, such as air in the lines.  Other problems could be higher cost, like an aging pump.  Because there are so many moving parts and potentially catastrophic events in the case of a system failure, we highly recommend having a yearly inspection done by a Missoula heating contractor!

Check #2: Valve Check

This check is one you do not want to let slip by. Radiant in-floor heaters have a pressure release valve and a reducing valve.  The pump will typically have to be replaced if these valves go bad.  This is why preventative maintenance is so important!  Be sure to schedule a regular valve check performed by a trusted Missoula heating contractor!

Check #3: Pump Check

Speaking of pumps, yours should be quietly working in the background year-round.  This check is more of an ongoing awareness.  If you hear any noises coming from your pump, at any time of year, call your local Missoula heating contractor.  Noises coming from your pump could be caused by a multitude of problems, from a leaky valve to air in the pipes. While most people are familiar with the sound of air in the pipes, the underlying problem causing air in the pipes can vary.  From rust in the pipes to a leaking pipe, you will want a Missoula heating repair contractor to determine how to remedy the problem.

Check #4: Pipe Check

Leaking pipes can cause such catastrophic events that a quick check should never be forgotten.  Whether the leak is caused at a junction or a rusted hole, repairs need to be done as immediately as possible.  Copper pipes can be repaired more simply than stainless steel, but either one needs to be handled promptly and properly by a Missoula heating repair contractor.

Check #5: Thermostat Check

 It is such a small part of the system that it is often overlooked and forgotten.  And yet, thermostat malfunction can present itself as much larger overhaul issues.  Upkeep and repair can be as simple as switching out a battery.  You can prevent a lot of stress and ensure you do fall victim to an expensive misdiagnosis by simply checking your thermostat! 

Check #6: Boiler Check

Because the boiler is the key to the whole system, it is vital to ensure it is running efficiently and effectively.  This includes checking everything from the wiring to the water pH levels.  Because this inspection can be rather in-depth, we recommend hiring a Missoula Heating Contractor to come out to the property.

Symptoms and likely Solutions of Radiant In-Floor Heating in Missoula, Montana

Now that you know what steps to take to ensure your Radiant In-floor Heating systems is running optimally, let’s take a look at the likely problems are behind common symptoms.

Symptom #1: The Heat Goes On and Off.

This is common in systems with multiple zones and is caused by a faulty zone valve.  This problem may be difficult to diagnose because it may only happen intermittently.  Unless you are comfortable with wiring and plumbing skills, it is best to call a Missoula heating repair contractor for this fix.

Symptom #2: The Circuit Break Keeps Kicking Off.

This is usually caused by a wiring issue.  An electrician has tools to pinpoint where the break is and can replace that portion of the wiring.  Because electrical repairs can be dangerous if not done properly, it is best to have electrical issues treated by a professional. 

Symptom #3: The Floors Are Not Heating Up Like They Should.

The first thing to check is that the boiler is properly heating the water being sent into the tubes.  If the boiler seems to be properly heating the water, the next thing to check is the circulating pump.   You can check this simply by turning up the thermostat to a high temperature and listening to hear the pump run.  Because this symptom can be caused by a variety of issues, it is best to have a Missoula heating repair contractor come ensure the proper diagnosis before moving forward.

Symptom #4: There Are Cold Spots On the Floor.

This is often caused by a break in the resistance cables in the sub-floor part of the system.  This can be a fairly complex fix depending on the original installation.  Fixing this requires removing the top layer of flooring and replacing a portion of the heating mat.  Therefore, if the mat has been embedded in mortar or in adhesive under tile, this can become a major job.  While the repairs yourself may seem like a cost-saver, cost can increase drastically if not done properly.  Unless you are certain of what needs to be done and how to do it, it is often cheaper overall by hiring a Missoula heating repair contractor.

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