Preparing Your Missoula Residential Air Conditioning System For Summer

Spring has officially sprung, and it won’t be long before the dog days of summer are upon us.  Now is the perfect time to get our homes and HVAC systems ready to keep us comfortable this summer. If you are looking for a refresher on what to check on with your Missoula residential air conditioning system, read on!

1. Clear Off Debris From the Outdoor Unit of Your Missoula Residential Air Conditioning System

You may have a ton of leaves that you did not get around to raking up in the fall, or you may have toys from the neighbor’s yard that blew around and got caught by your AC’s outdoor unit. No matter the debris, your goal is to ensure proper airflow and ensure no damage has occurred. If you think there may be damage or you just want an inspection, you can contact Garden City Plumbing and Heating at (406) 728-5550.

2. Inspect Refrigerant Lines in Your Missoula Home’s HVAC System

While you are outside clearing debris from the outdoor unit of your Missoula residential air conditioning system, find the two small pipes that head toward the house.  These refrigerant lines connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.  You are looking for corrosion or leaks at connections as well as anywhere along the line.  If you see anything out of place or problematic, call Missoula residential air conditioning contractors to have it repaired before you turn on your AC for the season.

3. Inspect Ductwork Throughout Your Montana Residence

You will need to walk through your basement or crawl into your crawlspace for this task.  Light up the area as best you can, and look for any bent, broken, disconnected, or dirty ductwork.  You may see any disconnected parts that are joined back together, or you may find portions that need to be replaced.  You may want to consider installing Aeroseal before the summer season hits here in Missoula.

4. Inspect Condenser Coils on Your Missoula Residential Air Conditioning Unit

Next, you will want to check the condenser coils for dirt or debris.  You can easily clean them with a soft brush or vacuum.  The goal is to ensure airflow by removing any buildup that could block the flow of air.

5. Clean or Replace Air Filters in Your Montana HVAC System

A dirty or clogged air filter can cause a slew of problems in an HVAC system and is one of the most straightforward steps of upkeep you can do.  Before the summer starts, be sure to put a fresh filter in your Missoula residential air conditioning system and continue to clean or replace it according to manufacturer guidelines.

6. Check Condensate Drain on your home’s Air Conditioning System

Make sure the drain is clear of any debris and flowing properly.  Blockages can cause a decrease is system efficiency as well as water damage.  Use a wet/dry vac to clear the drain when necessary.

7. Inspect Fan Blades on your Montana Residential Air Conditioning System

Bent or broken fan blades can cause a loud, unpleasant noise every time your AC kicks on, and that could be just the start of your troubles.  Bent or broken fan blades can cause inefficient systems and can cause damage to other components of your HVAC system. If you notice any damage to your fan blades, be sure to call a Missoula residential HVAC contractor to schedule a repair.

8. Schedule Yearly Maintenance with a Missoula Residential Air Conditioning Contractor

Most manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning system be serviced by a licensed technician every year.  While you can check various components and clean or replace them yourself, there are processes that require special equipment or training.  It is a good idea to make it a habit to schedule your yearly routine at a certain time each year.  Doing it before the season that you’ll be using it can help ensure reliable usage during the season. 

9. Test Thermostat Before Summer Hits In Missoula, Montana      

Once you have checked the outside unit, the refrigerant lines that connect it to the inside unit, and checked out the inside unit, it is time to turn on power and click your thermostat over to “cool.”  Turn the temperature down to see if your unit kicks on.  If you notice anything odd with the system’s operation, it may be time to check the batteries in your thermostat or consider replacing your thermostat with an updated, smart thermostat. 

10. Test System Operation on your Missoula Residential Air Conditioning System

Once you have turned on the system and set your thermostat to cool, you will want to go around to each vent and make sure you feel cool air coming out. If you leave the system turned on to a desired temperature, does the thermometer say that your home is hitting the desired temperature?  If you notice the system short cycling, not effectively cooling, or any other problematic functioning, you will want to bring out a Missoula HVAC contractor before summer is in full swing.

Be Sure Your Missoula Residential Air Conditioning System is Running Smoothly Before Summer Arrives

If you are concerned about your Missoula home’s HVAC system, give the guys you can trust a call and schedule an inspection or repair.  Garden City Plumbing and Heating is ready 24 hours a day to make sure your home is safe and comfortable.  Call us at (406) 728-5550 or contact us online today!