Plumbing Missoula: 34 Professional Services for Garden City Locals

Get professional help with plumbing Missoula, Montana! Garden City Plumbing & Heating provides dozens of plumbing and HVAC services for local homes and businesses. See what they can do for you!

Plumbing Missoula Professional Services
Plumbing Missoula Professional Services

Professional Services: Plumbing Missoula MT

  1. Emergency Plumbing Repair – At Garden City, we have staffed 24-hour emergency technicians available to help. When something comes up during weekends, holidays, or after business hours, you can call for emergency repair for plumbing Missoula.
  2. Water Heater Replacement/Repair – There’s nothing more inconvenient than running out of hot water when you’re trying to get a shower or catch up on laundry and dishes. Have your water heater services and replaced quickly before it becomes a major headache.
  3. Toilet Trouble – Whether your toilet is leaking water or it’s not flushing properly our experienced plumbing technicians can handle the issue. They’ve seen it all and they’ll know just what to do to get your toilet back in working order!
  4. Backflow Preventer – Backflow preventers need to be tested annually to verify proper operation. Our certified professionals will make sure your plumbing Missoula system is in good shape to prevent backflow.
  5. Fixture & Faucet Replacement – Looking to update your outdated sink, tub, or toilet? Our plumbing Missoula team of experts can help pick out the best fixtures for your home and install them properly. Leave it to us and everything will be professionally installed and sealed and the water pressure will be just how you like it!
Plumbing Missoula Installation and Repair
Plumbing Missoula Installation and Repair
  1. Leaky Pipes – Routine plumbing Missoula maintenance and inspection is necessary for homeowners and property managers in Western Montana. Leak detection is key to preventing flooding, major water damage, and mold.
  2. Plumbing Repairs/Major Remodels – Big or small, our team is prepared to fix, repair, and remodel your plumbing. We can perform a complete inspection of your home or business and provide solutions to help your property perform at its best.
  3. Clogged Drains and Toilets – Having problems with water flow in your home? If the problem is not related to a sewer, then it’s something we can fix. Let us clear out the clogged drains and pipes and get everything back in working order.
  4. Water Conditioning & Filtration Systems – Clean water is the best thing you can provide to your family. There are many solutions to filtering and treating the water in your home or business. Learn more about getting purified water and other plumbing solutions for clean and healthy water in Missoula, Montana.
  5. Sump Pumps – Has water accumulated in your water-collecting basin? We know all about sump pumps and our techs will have it drained and restored in a jiffy!
  6. Emergency Shut Off – Cold winters in Missoula take a toll on local residential and commercial plumbing. Pipes freeze and burst every year and if it happens to you, call us for help with an emergency shut off and pipe repair.
Plumbing Missoula - Drain Pipes
Plumbing Missoula – Drain Pipes

Professional Services: Heating and Air Conditioning in Missoula MT

  1. Residential/Commercial AC Repair – Eventually, your air conditioning unit is going to need some work. Whether you need repairs or a tune up, you can count on Garden City Plumbing & Heating to keep you comfortable this summer.
  2. Residential/Commercial AC Maintenance – Our maintenance programs are custom tailored according to your space, your equipment, needs, and budget.
  3. New System Installation – If it’s time for an upgrade or you are building or renovating a new space, we offer top of the line air conditioning systems and equipment. Garden City Plumbing & Heating is proud to a recommended premier Lennox dealerand our technicians have years of experience working with these products. Lennox makes some of the quietest and most energy cooling units available.
  4. Ductless Cooling System – Ductless Cooling Systems are a great way to escape the heat without having to tear your home up with obtrusive ductwork. They are simple, affordable and can be custom matched to your home and your life.
  5. Efficiency Upgrade – Does your electricity bill have you hemorrhaging money? Not only can we help reduce your monthly utility costs, but we can also navigate the many rebates, tax credits and incentives to help stretch your money further.
  6. Boilers – When it comes to HVAC, boilers can be thought of as the heart of the home. Keep your boiler running smoothly with our maintenance program.
  7. Gas and Oil Furnaces – Garden City’s trained professionals are prepared to install, repair, or replace your gas and oil furnaces.
Plumbing Missoula - Heat pumps
Plumbing Missoula – Heat pumps
  1. Heat Pumps – Contact us to learn about the functionality and options for using heat pumps. Whether you desire to be warm or cool, a heat pump can do the job and save you money.
  2. Radiant In-Floor Heat – Looking for a heating solution for your home that’s quiet and efficient? Radiant in-floor heat is not only comfortable but a better choice for allergy sufferers.
  3. Ductless Heating Systems – Whether you are looking for a simple fix for one room that is always cold or are looking for a way to heat and cool your entire home, there’s a reason ductless heat pumps have become our most popular system. A ductless system is one of the quietest and most efficient options you can buy!
  4. Humidifier Installation and Maintenance – As the weather cools down, the air in your home dries out. Reduce dry skin and stuffy sinuses. Whole home comfort is at your fingertips with a humidifier.
  5. Filtration Systems – Not all filtration systems are the same. We offer numerous air purification options from the basic to a Pure Air filtration system that uses florescent technology to remove a large percentage of dust particles in the homes air.

    HVAC and Plumbing Missoula - Home Energy
    HVAC and Plumbing Missoula – Home Energy
  6. Home Energy Audits – Sometimes heating and cooling systems get all the blame for high utility bills, hot and cold spots and poor air quality. We find that by taking a look at the bigger picture, our clients can eliminate or reduce these issues without changing their furnace and air conditioning system. We have the knowledge and tools to help with a Whole Home Energy Audit.
  7. Geothermal and Ground Source Systems – Are you looking for a greener way to heat and cool your home? You may be standing right on it. A Geothermal heating and cooling system takes advantage of the free energy in the ground to keep you comfortable all year long.
  8. Zone Control – Do you find one room of your home is not heating or cooling properly? Zone control may be a good option to fix this issue. Give us a call to help find the solution for whole home comfort.
  9. Duct Sealing (Aeroseal) – Our unique Aeroseal duct sealing process plugs holes from the inside out to prevent conditioned air from escaping through the cracks and thin walls. This is a sure way to be more comfortable indoors and simultaneously lower the energy bill.
  10. Thermostat – Sometimes a fresh, easy to use control is all you need. From WiFi thermostats that give you peace of mind while you are on the go to a control that you can just set and forget, we’ve got the right solution for you.
Temperature Gauges- HVAC and Plumbing Missoula
Temperature Gauges- HVAC and Plumbing Missoula
  1. Residential Maintenance & Repair – To keep your home heating and cooling systems running efficiently and effectively, maintenance is a must. Following manufacturers guidelines, our professional technicians are trained to properly maintain your residential equipment.
  2. Commercial Maintenance & Repair – To keep your business heating and cooling systems running efficiently and effectively, maintenance is a must. Following manufacturers guidelines, our professional technicians are trained to properly maintain your commercial and industrial equipment.
  3. Economical Upgrade – With advancements in technology over the years new equipment and systems can help reduce your cost. Installing energy efficient equipment or looking for possible inefficiencies throughout your system can pay huge dividends down the road. Give us a call today to speak to one of our consultants about the possibilities for your home or business.

Get an Estimate on HVAC and Plumbing Missoula MT

  1. Plumbing Estimating – Do you have a plumbing project and you want to know what’s it’s going to cost? Make an appointment with one of our plumbing estimators. We will take the time to inspect your space, consider all options, and come up with an accurate estimate so you know what to expect in terms of time and money.
  2. Heating Estimating – Are you shopping around for a heating installation or repair and you want to get some numbers? Make an appointment with one of our heating estimators. We will take the time to inspect your space, consider all options, and come up with an accurate estimate to help you determine the cost and timeline.
  3. Cooling Estimating – Is there an air conditioning or ventilation project in your future? If you’re looking to get an estimate on what it will cost and how long it will take to complete, let us help you! Our cooling estimators will take the time to inspect your space, consider all options, and help you with an accurate estimation of the total cost.
HVAC and Plumbing Missoula Cost Estimate
HVAC and Plumbing Missoula Cost Estimate

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