Montana Commercial HVAC Contractors Explain: Institutional vs Industrial HVAC Services

HVAC services can vary widely across the spectrum of structures.  Residential HVAC is vastly different from Commercial HVAC.  Under the umbrella of Commercial HVAC services, there are many types of facilities.  From medical to pharmaceutical to custom homes, the needs can vary greatly and government regulations can be incredibly strict. While BIM services can help comply with these regulations, there is a lot to be aware of.  When we come to institutional and industrial HVAC services, each category has a lot of variances.  For reference, institutional HVAC services include schools, recreational facilities, and prisons.  Industrial HVAC can include factories of all sorts, as well as foundries.  Let’s take a look at the types of Institutional and Industrial HVAC services to understand their different HVAC contracting needs.

Montana Commercial HVAC Contractors Service Institutions

What defines an institution is the meeting of groups of people.  Sometimes this includes housing, like a boarding school or summer camp.  Institutional facilities often cook food and serve it in some capacity.  Across almost all institutions is the need for meeting rooms of some sort.  This can include basic classrooms, science labs, rooms for dance classes, and large gymnasiums for various sports. Let’s take a look at a few of the specific types of institutions and what creates their unique commercial HVAC needs.

1.     Commercial HVAC Services Across School Districts

Whether a local preschool, a large K-12 district, or a sprawling university campus, these institutions have certain needs that bring them into the same category.  That is not to say their HVAC needs are identical, as preschool functions can be vastly different from a university student union building. Overall, being able to handle these specifics and having experience in doing so is what makes Garden City Plumbing and Heating the HVAC contractor you want to work with. 

2.     HVAC Contractors Service Commercial Recreational Facilities

This category includes summer camp facilities, community recreation centers, workout facilities like YMCA, and so on.  These facilities have specific needs to keep the atmosphere clean and fresh.  Because the steam can collect from the frequent use of the showers and the smells that can accumulate in the fitness rooms, ventilation has to be powerful and reliable. All of the specific needs of these facilities create a unique situation that require an experienced Commercial HVAC contractor.

3.     HVAC Services for Prison Institutions

While Prison facilities always include housing, dining, and basic recreation facilities, they can also include a variety of other areas.  Designing and maintaining HVAC systems for these facilities must be tailored to these units with efficiency in mind.

Montana Commercial HVAC Contractors Service Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities generally include facilities where products are created or assembled.  These tend to be large, cavernous facilities that house large pieces of equipment.  Because of byproducts that can be airborne, indoor air quality services are a necessary component in HVAC systems.

1.     Commercial HVAC Services in Montana Factories

HVAC needs for Production facilities can vary widely depending on what they are creating.  From aerospace to tools, to farm equipment, to tech products, factories have many factors to consider when installing and maintaining HVAC systems. 

2.     Foundry HVAC Services across Montana

The majority of people know that a lot of heat is required for metal to melt and be molded.  However, humans cannot survive at those temperatures.  Maintaining a comfortable work environment with these temperatures can be quite a task.  Not to mention, there are specific ventilation specifications for certain metals and chemicals in foundry HVAC systems.  These factors create specific needs that an experienced HVAC Contractor, like Garden City Plumbing and Heating, can manage effectively.

Industrial vs Institutional HVAC Contracting

While the words institutional and industrial can be a tongue twister, they really are quite different types of facilities.  The HVAC needs of each are specific and must be done at a high level.

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