First Steps: Be Prepared for Missoula Plumbing Service Needs

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Missoula Plumbing Service

Smart tip: Decide on a plumber before you need one! Missoula plumbing service companies are not all the same in terms of rates and services. Do your research now so you’ll be prepared… when things start to come up. 

Do Your Homework: Searching for Missoula Plumbing Service

Doing research online is easy, because there is an overabundance of content out there. They don’t call this the “information age” for nothing! It’s easier than ever to find out if a plumbing company in the area is truly professional and has a great reputation. Just don’t wait until you’re standing in three feet of water. Take time to weed through the company reviews and plumber hiring guides so you’ll be prepared when you really need a plumber.

Being prepared ahead of time gives you peace of mind, and it usually helps to save you money. You can make educated decisions and have fewer regrets when you’ve researched an industry like Missoula plumbing service. Just be careful not to fall down a rabbit hole as you’re doing your research! It’s easy to get lost while searching for a quality Missoula plumbing service provider. Make sure you’re focusing on finding answers to the most important questions. There are a handful of specific things you should keep in mind as you’re researching.

Here are 7 points to consider when choosing a Missoula plumbing service provider:


  1. Certified and licensed to serve Missoula, MT

The company should use certified trained and licensed plumbers. Apprentices are fine if accompanied by a certified plumber. There is no substitute for experience.


  1. Fully insured for injury and damage

Every Missoula plumbing service company must be fully insured against all liability and carry workman’s compensation. If there is damage to your home or injuries occur during the course of your plumbing service, the responsibility should not fall on you.


  1. Identifiable and Familiar

Each plumber that shows up at your door should have photo identification with the company logo. Uniforms and well-marked trucks are necessary for a legitimate plumbing company. Become familiar with the plumber’s name and branding and make sure your family knows whom to expect at your front door.


  1. Reputable and highly recommended

Read through a handful of Yelp reviews or Google reviews of the company. Look for the good and the bad and get a balanced idea of the company’s reputation.


  1. A+ rating on BBB

Check the company’s listing on the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are any unsettled complaints. Look for any allegations against the company and see if the company has addressed them or simply ignored and avoided the complaints. This is worth noting.


  1. Available for emergencies

A full service company will offer free estimates and 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Ask if the final quote is really the final quote. You don’t want surprise charges at the end.


  1. Flexible and on time

When a plumber can offer two or three dates and times from which to choose for an appointment it shows a respect for the customers time and schedule. Also, ask them to call you when they’re on the way so you’re not waiting around and wasting your time.

missoula plumbing service emergency

When to Call a Missoula Plumbing Service

If you do your homework in advance, you’ll have chosen a plumber that is professional and experienced. This is the best way to prevent an expensive plumbing emergency. Have your plumber’s info on hand so you can take care of little repairs before they become big problems. While not comprehensive, the following list will give you a general idea of when to call for Missoula plumbing service.

  • The water heater isn’t recovering quickly and you keep running out of hot water. There could be sediment build up in the bottom of the tank. It needs cleaning out regularly, especially in hard water areas like Missoula, Montana. If left untreated, the sediment can cause corrosion through the bottom of the tank, which ultimately will result in a leak.


  • You have to keep wiping up water under the kitchen sink. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. Maybe it’s just a little leak in a pipe, but you shouldn’t ignore this! A plumbing service professional could take care of the little leak, so you won’t have to replace water-damaged cabinets later.


  • There is a musty, moldy smell in the basement. That’s just what basements smell like, right? Wrong. This odor is a sign that you need to call a plumber. Live organisms can grow in your basement, feeding on damp drywall and timbers. Sweaty and leaky water pipes need to be repaired or replaced by a plumbing service. If you keep ignoring the smell, the mold or mildew that’s spreading in your basement can cause respiratory problems and damage to your walls, floors, and insulation.


  • The water pressure is low in your shower and sinks. This could mean that sediment has built up in pipes, interrupting water flow through faucets and showers. Toilet tanks may not fill sufficiently to flush the first time. It will only get worse until you call a plumber.


  • Slow flushing toilets or slow draining sinks. Many are reluctant to call a plumber for issues like this, because they’re mostly annoying and seemingly harmless. The problem is not the slow draining itself, but the reason why it’s taking so long to go down the pipes. This usually means that there is a blockage in the drainpipes. It could be caused by breaks in the line between the house and the sewer drain. It could even be soil and roots that are ruining the pipes. Only a plumber can determine if it’s a small issue or a big one.


  • Your sump pump never shuts off. You might be able to tell from the constant sound of it running. That wastes a lot of energy, and a flooding rain will likely swamp the pump and your basement. You might need repairs made to the drain tiles in your house.

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Before You Call For Emergency Missoula Plumbing Service

Emergency calls are always more costly than requesting Missoula plumbing services during regular business hours. If you need residential plumbing service, your home and family are the ones on the line. If you’re in need of commercial plumbing service, your job and your business could be on the line. Some problems need to be handled right away, the right way, to prevent further damage. Other issues can be tackled yourself, or at least temporarily handled until a professional can get to you. Before you call for emergency plumbing services, do your part to determine whether it is really an emergency.

  • A toilet is overflowing and water won’t stop running. That’s a big problem. What can you do? Shut the water valve on the toilet off. Clean up as much of the water as you can so flooring isn’t ruined. Can you live without this toilet until morning? If you can’t get the water to stop running, then you really do have a plumbing emergency. Call right away.


  • There is a leak in a water pipe under a sink that’s causing a small flood. Maybe you can seal it up temporarily with tape, clamps, rubber strips or glue and just not use that sink until you can call a plumber during normal business hours. Is the leak slow enough that a big bucket will suffice until the plumbing service professional opens up for business? If this happens on a Friday night, you probably will need to call for emergency service. Otherwise, you may be able to wait one night if it happens during the week.


  • Do you know how to turn off your water main? If you cannot stop a broken pipe from flooding or the leak is too bad, then turn off the water main. Everyone in the family should know where that is located. Once you turn it off, the house will be without water. Can you live that way until regular working hours to avoid emergency rates? Perhaps you can stay with a neighbor or a friend for the night. If not, call for emergency help.


  • If your plumbing repair can wait, then you have saved yourself some money. If flooding is coming up through floor drains with no signs of stopping, shut off the water main and pull the main electrical breaker. The cause may lie with a clogged or broken drain on your property, or it might be an offsite problem at the city’s water main. Do your best to determine if the plumbing call can wait, or if you need to handle it right away.

There is No Substitute for Being Prepared

Missoula Plumbing ServiceFortunately, whether you need a repair, you want to install a new unit, or you need to call for emergency plumbing service, you will be in good shape. Since you did your homework in advance and you have a reliable plumbing on hand, you can get the right kind of help without any unhappy surprises. Get your Missoula plumbing service professional on the job and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that things will be taken care of the first time.