Missoula Heating – Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services

If you live or work in Missoula, Montana during the cold fall and winter months, here’s one thing you cannot do without: a working heating system. Missoula heating is key to creating a healthy, livable indoor space.

Missoula heating

Here, we have information on Missoula heating, including residential and commercial heating services. Read up on how your Missoula heating system works and learn how to diagnose problems and get access to installation, maintenance, and repair services.

See our list of the best Missoula heating contractors or explore the broader range of Montana HVAC contractors.

Missoula Heating Service
Missoula Heating Service

Missoula Heating Service: Winter Prep

Before cold weather hits, you can prepare your home or business and winterize your inner spaces. Winterizing includes checking for poorly insulated areas and sealing them off, preventing your pipes from freezing, and testing your heating system and getting a tune up before it’s time to use it. Getting prepared ahead of time is smart because you will keep warm and also keep your electric bills under control for the season.

Some ways to winterize your home or business:

  • Aeroseal Duct Sealing
  • Insulate pipes
  • Seal all leaks around pipes, electrical wiring, and vents
  • Disconnect garden hoses
  • Use shut off valve and drain water from outside faucets
  • Consider installing a radiant heat system or geothermal heater

Find everything you need to know about getting professional heating service: Seasonal Prep: Missoula Heating Service and Cooling Repair

Missoula Residential Heating

Missoula Residential Heating

Is your home ready to keep your family safe and comfortable this winter? What’s it going to cost to heat up your home each month? Do you have a great HVAC company nearby to handle any tune ups, repairs, or emergency service you might need in the future?

The best Missoula heating companies can do the following for your home:

  • send skilled HVAC techs to handle installation and maintenance
  • experience with boilersfurnaces, heat pumps, and thermostats.
  • able to install radiant in-floor heat or a geothermal heating system
  • improve air quality with humidifiers or filtration systems
  • help you save money via home energy audit to pinpoint costly issues
  • provide zone control to regulate temperatures room to room

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Missoula Commercial Heating

Missoula Commercial Heating

Missoula Commercial Heating is a priority for every local business. The temperature in a commercial space will impact profitability. It will impact sales in a store or showroom and affect customer satisfaction. You also want to provide a comfortable space to keep your employees happy, healthy, and highly productive. Investing in a new, energy efficient heating system is a good business move. High efficiency and Energy Star units are best for keeping your heating costs down.

Step 1: Contact the Missoula Commercial Heating Company

Step 2: Be sure the Company Specializes in Commercial Heating

Step 3: Ask for a Written Estimate

Step 4: Critically Examine your Options

Step 5: Hire Missoula Commercial Heating

Missoula commercial heating is one of the most sizeable investments a local builder will make. From the unit itself to the installation process and the contractors, there are some big decisions to tackle. Be informed so you can make the right choice for your property!

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Missoula Heating Systems - Energy Efficiency
Missoula Heating Systems – Energy Efficiency

DIY to Add Longevity to Your Old Missoula Heating System

Do you have an old heater that’s on its last leg? You may be able to squeeze another winter in before you replace your whole system. First, call for an HVAC technician to give your heater a check up so you know for sure that it’s safe to run. If you get the okay, follow some of these unusual yet effective ways to warm the house without overworking your heater.

  • Check and Change Air Filters
  • Check and Cover Windows
  • Use Ceiling Fans, in reverse
  • Keep bedrooms cool at night
  • Cook and Bake more often
  • Have Parties – fill the house with warm bodies
  • Decorate Differently (click below to see what we mean)

Try to get a few extra seasons out of your old HVAC system. Follow these 9 Unexpected Ways to Maximize Missoula Heating Systems

Life Expectancy of a Furnace

The life expectancy of a furnace is impacted by the efficiency and quality of the furnace from the start. While the typical furnace life is anywhere between 15 and 20 years, there several factors that impact the actual lifespan of your heating system. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for a new furnace.

Factors that impact the life expectancy of a furnace:

  • age
  • make and model
  • energy rating (AFUE)
  • size of your space
  • climate (humidity, rust, etc.)
  • regular maintenance
  • consistent temperature settings
  • house or building insulation

To read more about this topic, check out this article about Adding Years to the Life Expectancy of a Furnace – 3 Easy Tips

Missoula Heating Repair

Missoula Heating Repair

Don’t wait until everyone is freezing… get your heater fixed before you need it. There are many problems that can cause your heating system to stop working properly.

Here’s what you should be on the lookout for:

  • Heater is blowing cold air
  • Heater smells like burning
  • Heater won’t shut off
  • Air is too dry
  • Air is too dusty
  • Heater will not light or stay lit
  • Unevenly distributed heat

Read more to learn how to detect problems with your heater and get the right kind of help: 7 Common Issues that Call for Missoula Heating Repair

Missoula Emergency Heating Repair

Missoula Emergency Heating Repair

Missoula Emergency Heating Repair is a phone number that belongs on the fridge, along with contact info for the police, poison control, and a plumber. Homeowners have a responsibility to keep things in working order, which includes comfort and safety. HVAC services go beyond just temperature control. Beyond guarding against cold, heat, and humidity there could be a ventilation problem or electrical risk related to your heating system.

The first sign of a heating emergency begins with an unexpected change in temperature inside your home or business. If you notice a change, check the temperature on your thermostat. Is it lower than normal? Is your Emergency Heat light on? If so, your heat pump has been using secondary energy sources to heat your home because its primary source wasn’t strong enough. Now, it’s time to put your other senses to the test. Go to your heater and asses the situation. This way, if you do need to make that emergency call, you are better prepared to talk to the technicians.

Local professionals are here at Garden City to help you 24/7 with Missoula Emergency Heating Repair at Your Service

Missoula Heating and Cooling
Missoula Heating and Cooling

Upgrade for Better Air Quality – Missoula Heating and Cooling

On a 2018 air quality report, Missoula was listed as the 12th most polluted city in America. This is largely due to wildfires, unfortunately. The short-term particle pollution breathed in and ingested from Missoula wildfires can increase the risk of lung cancer, asthma attacks and heart issues. Smog has a serious lingering effect.

If you have asthma, respiratory problems, or there are seniors, babies and children, or medically fragile people around, the indoor air quality should be a top priority.

Air purification and ventilation must be a priority in your home and your workplace. Achieving the right balance between high air quality, comfortable temperatures, and energy efficiency is the ultimate goal for Missoula heating and cooling professionals.

See how upgrading Missoula heating systems will give you cleaner space to breathe. Missoula Heating and Cooling – Upgrade for Better Air Quality

Missoula Heating Contractors
Missoula Heating Contractors

Missoula Heating Contractors

There are specific things to look for when you research HVAC companies near you, such as services offered and credentials and reputation. With so many Missoula heating contractors out there, it can be tough to narrow down without a personal recommendation.

If you’re looking for the best Missoula Heating Contractors, start here: Missoula Heating Contractors You Can Count On

Another option is to search online for reviews and testimonials. You can learn a lot about a company by reading what other customers have to say.


Do a basic Google search for “Missoula Heating Contractors” and you’ll see local listings. You can also search the name of the company you’re considering to see online reviews.


Many Missoula Heating Contractors have a Facebook page. On this page, the business posts information and photos about their services and contact information. Customers can post questions or comments and leave reviews.


Yelp posts basic information about the company and users can share pictures and comments. Reviews also use a five-star rating system.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List website was one of the first US-based websites to use crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses. Businesses and reviewers go through a screening system to give the user more trust in confidence in the review.

Missoula Heating bill

Save on your Missoula Heating Bill

Whether you live in Missoula or elsewhere in Montana, utility bills are always highest in the winter. The good news is that your heating bill can be a lot lower if you’re willing to do some prep and change some habits. We made a cheat sheet to show you nine steps that will lower your energy usage and make monthly utility bills more affordable.

  1. Re-seal all of those cracks and crevices
  2. Keep the doors and windows shut
  3. Change the rotation of your fan blades
  4. Schedule an HVAC check up
  5. Adjust for a cooler environment
  6. Get an ultra smart thermostat
  7. Use zone-controlled heating
  8. Fire up the fireplace and chimney
  9. Take advantage of solar energy

Click for details on each step and see how easy it is to lower your Missoula heating bill: 9 Ways to Save on your Missoula Heating Bill this Winter

Keep Your Missoula Heating Working Efficiently for a Long Time!

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