Missoula Heating Contractors You Can Count On

Missoula Heating Contractors
Missoula Heating Contractors

Heating installations and HVAC repairs are a necessary investment. Who can you trust to do the work? If you live in Montana, there are nearby Missoula heating contractors that you can count on. Here are some tips to finding reliable, experienced contractors for your home, office, or commercial space projects.

Tips for Hiring Missoula Heating Contractors

Before starting a new construction project, you have some homework to do. It’s important to research and get familiar with your options for working with Missoula heating contractors. Choose a contractor that fits your needs, budget, and schedule.

Questions worth looking into before hiring a contractor for the job:

    • How long have they been in business?


    • Is it family owned and operated or a national franchise?


    • Does the business have a mission statement? What are their values and promises?


    • What licenses and permits do they have? Is the business fully insured?


    • What is included in a contract for a project? Are building materials and permits included?


  • What hours do the employees work? Is there a general timeline set for the project?

Online Social Proof for Missoula Heating Contractors

Sometimes you need recommendations for Missoula heating contractors and your friends and neighbors aren’t much help! The next best thing is to find online social proof. You can turn to the Internet for reviews and testimonials written by experienced clients/customers.

Reviews from Garden City Plumbing and Heating Customers

Google review by Johnny Buckallew Stroud: Absolutely loved their professionalism on the job. Awesome rates quick repair. The competition’s price was much higher.”

Facebook review, Dave Brink: Richard, the on call weekend plumber, talked me through a leaking toilet issue I was having rather than making an expensive house call…That level of integrity and customer service is impossible to put a price tag on and is the reason Garden City Plumbing & Heating will continue to get my business for years to come!

From Yelp, Kevin K: “Mike Casper with GC Plumbing and Heating is the absolute Best!!! He really takes the time to listen to your concerns and make the recommendations necessary to get the job done right the first time. Incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.”

Where to find reviews for Missoula heating contractors:

There are various places online where customers can share their experience dealing with technicians and companies. Do you know where to look?

  1. Google

Do a basic Google search for “Missoula Heating Contractors” and you’ll see local listings. You can also search the name of the company you’re considering to see online reviews. Google reviews written by past customers are easy to find. You can see a five-star rating system and comments for just about any company with an online presence.

  1. Facebook

Many Missoula Heating Contractors have a Facebook page. On this page, the business posts information and photos about their services and contact information. Customers can post questions or comments and leave reviews. There’s a star rating system used on Facebook business pages, too.

  1. Yelp

Yelp is has a very convenient mobile app that’s great for finding reviews and info while you’re on the go. You can search on Yelp on a desktop too, if you’d rather. Yelp posts basic information about the company and users can share pictures and comments. Reviews also use a five-star rating system.

  1. Angie’s List

Angie’s List website was one of the first US-based websites to use crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses. Now, users can sign up to become a member for free, and access millions of verified reviews. Businesses and reviewers all go through a screening system to give the user more trust in confidence in the review.

Missoula Heating Contractors

Missoula Heating Contractors Residential vs. Commercial

Another thing to look for in Missoula heating contractors is the range of services offered and the company’s specialization. Some Missoula heating contractors are great at doing residential projects but not experienced with commercial ones. One the other hand, a company specializing in commercial projects may not accept work on residential spaces, or if they do it may be more expensive. Some contractors are capable of doing both types of spaces and doing them well, but you should be wary of a company that claims to do it all- especially if it’s a small staff.

Whether your heating installation or repairs project is for a residential space or commercial space, it’s important to understand the process and communicate your concerns and expectations clearly. Both residential and commercial projects have restrictions due to permits and regulations that must be made known ahead of time.

Hire Missoula Heating Contractors You Can Count On!

Hiring a business and technicians that you can count on is the most important step. Choose Missoula heating contractors that are available around the clock with 24-hour emergency service, just in case something unforeseen happens. Choose a company with a great reputation and showing positive online reviews from customers. Do your research according to the nature of your project, and you’ll be better equipped to pick the right one for the job.

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