Missoula Heating Contractors Weigh In: Pros and Cons of Commercial HVAC Upgrade

If you are considering an upgrade to your company’s HVAC system, we are here to help.  Let’s go through 5 pros and 5 cons of what may be involved in the upgrade process.  Here we go!

Pros of Upgrading a Commercial HVAC System in Missoula Montana

1. Improved Employee Health with Missoula Heating Contractors

Improved Air Quality in a facility your employees spend a third of their day in will help to generate better health.  New Commercial HVAC systems not only have clean components and filter dust from the air, but can include air purifiers to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. Having clean air can prevent your employees from spreading respiratory illnesses, as well as protect your customers.

2. Improved Customer Comfort In Missoula Businesses

Whether you are upgrading from a hodgepodge of heaters across your facility or just a single, old unit, you will have a more comfortable space for employees and customers alike.  Upgrading your commercial HVAC system will undoubtedly be more effective at maintaining a specified temperature and humidity level while also reducing noise.  All of these factors lead to a better experience for your customers!

3. Improved Energy Efficiency in Missoula, Montana

By Upgrading your business’s heating system, you will be able to lower your monthly energy costs.  Newer models and systems have come a long way in efficiency.  A major benefit to upgrading an HVAC system by a Missoula heating contractor is the monthly cost savings.  For many, this is ultimately what will be the deciding factor for businesses, and fortunately, it is a notable cost savings.  While it may take a few years to recoup the installation expenses, it will save money over time.

4.  Fewer Repairs by Missoula Heating Contractors

In simplest terms, newer units require fewer repairs than older units.  Because newer units have not had the wear and tear that older units have, they don’t need as many repairs as older units.  Additionally, the technology of newer HVAC units often requires fewer repairs than what older units require, even when they are new.  Either way, a commercial HVAC upgrade will require fewer repairs and less expenditure.

5. Less Environmental Impact with Missoula Heating Contractors

Energy-efficient HVAC systems generally have a lower environmental impact due to reduced energy consumption. This can contribute to a company’s sustainability goals and enhance its reputation as a socially responsible entity.  Why not look good while you’re doing good?

Bonus: Remote Operation for Missoula Business Owners!

Having remote access as a business owner or manager can be a game changer.  Knowing what is happening on-site from anywhere can ease stress and lower energy bills.  Being able to see what the HVAC settings and status are can remove a major cost as well as a stressor.  Business owners can make sure power bills are not going to skyrocket while off-site. 

Cons of Upgrading A Commercial HVAC System in Missoula Montana

1.  Initial Cost of Installation in Missoula, Montana

Obviously, the cost of installation is going to throw off the status quo.  While installation costs of an HVAC upgrade can be in the thousands, it will ultimately be offset over time as the upgrade shows its superiority to the previous HVAC system.  Missoula heating contractors will work with business owners to ensure the cost of installation will ultimately be offset over time.

2.  Interruption of Operations for Missoula Business Owners

During the installation process, there may be a short window of time where business has to pause.  This is minimized as much as possible, but sometimes, it is inevitable.  Business owners should know to expect this possibility when planning an upgrade to their HVAC system.  It may be a single day or a late opening and will be minimized by Missoula heating contractors during the planning process.  

As a business ourselves, we understand the need to continue operations unless absolutely required.  Contractors will do as much as can be done beforehand and after closure to minimize the amount of time the business must be closed.  Sometimes, part of a facility can be left functional and then switched to a different section so that at least partial functionality can be maintained at all times. 

3.  Possible Compatibility Challenges for Your Commercial HVAC System

While most HVAC systems can be adapted to fit newer units and updates, there are sometimes issues that have to be worked out.  Compatibility is a consideration when new units are designed so that installation can be streamlined.  Commercial HVAC Updates can often be done with minimal issues. 

4. Training and Learning Curve For Missoula Employees

With specific controls, including air purification, humidity levels, etc, controlling your updated commercial HVAC system can be more complex than a simple thermostat.  Missoula heating contractors will give a rundown to business owners and employees before unleashing the system.  

Depending on the specs chosen by the Missoula business owners and managers, there may be a learning curve for use.  This is not typically a huge time expense, but it does come with the territory.  Knowing to expect a bit of frustration as employees figure out a new system is part of running a business.  It can be minimized, but it is good to have accurate expectations.

5.  Unforeseen Technical Issues Can Be Handled by Missoula Heating Contractors

Most systems have a period, after installation, of working out the kinks.  Many people call this the “shake down” period.  Fortunately, Missoula heating contractors are ready to handle issues 24 hours a day.  When deciding on a commercial HVAC upgrade, knowing what to expect can help ease frustration.  Expecting the unforeseen is what makes for a strong business, even when it comes to a facility’s own HVAC system. 

Missoula Heating Contractors Are Ready to Give Excellent Customer Service

While many businesses want to know the financial cost will be outweighed by the savings in the long run, there are simply more factors to look at than money.  While Missoula business owners may be unsure if they are ready to take the leap of a commercial HVAC upgrade, Garden City Plumbing and Heating is here to help!  Whether you are looking for more information or ready to schedule your facility’s installation, give Garden City a call at (406) 728-5550 or contact us online today!