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Missoula Heating Contractors Weigh in on Multi-Zone HVAC Systems

Multizone HVAC control panel in New Jersey

Are you tired of heating your empty guest room just as much as your master bedroom?  Do you want to keep your bedrooms cooler than your dining room or living room?  Do you want to add your garage to your central heating system but don’t want it kept as warm as the rest of the home? Multi-zone heating systems can solve all of these problems.  Let’s see what a multi-zone HVAC system can do in your Missoula, Montana home!

What is a multi-zone HVAC system?

You can set up your heating system to have separate “zones.”  Each zone in your home is controlled by a different thermostat.  You have as few as 2, or as many as 6 or 7.  You can have it downstairs at one temperature while upstairs at another.  You can have your garage set at a cooler temperature and the main living area in your home at a warmer temperature.  You can separate your guest bedroom from your other bedrooms so that you only heat the guest room when you have guests.  You can do all of the above at once.  Missoula heating contractors can set you up with a system customized to increase comfort and reduce your heating bill. 

How does a multi-zone HVAC work?

After deciding what zones you want, there will be a thermostat installed in each.  All of the thermostats will connect to one central control panel.  Dampers will be installed in the ductwork or radiator system that will act like a valve.  When a certain zone needs more heat, it will open and divert heat to other zones when closed. Missoula heating contractors can install multiple dampers to work together depending on the rooms included in each zone.  With the use of multiple thermostats, a central control panel, and dampers in your ductwork, heat can be diverted to any zone you want at whatever temperature you want. 

Can one HVAC have two thermostats?

Yes! By using a central control unit, a Missoula heating contractor can install two thermostats in your home! Being able to control one section of your home differently than another is what multi-zone HVAC systems are all about!

How many zones can an HVAC have?

To do a multi-zone system, you have to have at least 2.  And you can have as many as you want!  You can have a Missoula heating contractor set up your home to have a thermostat control in every single room. 

Can you add more zones to an existing HVAC system in Missoula, Montana?

A Missoula heating contractor can overhaul an existing HVAC system to have as many zones as you want!  It is typically cheaper to put a zoned heating system on new construction, but transitioning your current HVAC system is a great option for homeowners who want to upgrade their homes.  It is possible that your current HVAC system might not be compatible with the central control unit and might need upgrading in order to have zone heating control in your home. 

How do I add another HVAC zone to my Missoula home?

Adding a second zone to your home is the most complicated zone to add because it requires setting up the whole zone system.  Once you have a zone system setup, adding a third, fourth, or fifth zone is just a matter of running another thermostat and installing dampers. 

What are the steps to installing a multi-zone heating system in my home?

  1. The first thing to decide is what your zones will be. For example, you could split up your home into 3 zones: downstairs, upstairs, and garage. While you might want to start with getting the system set up and having a minimum number of zones, it is generally better to complete the full number of zones you will want at the initial installation.  This is because it requires fewer man-hours to program the central control system and install the components with the system already open than to go back in later. 
  2. Before you can take on any installation steps, you need to figure out whether your current heater can work with a central control unit or not. If it is an older unit, it may need to be replaced in order to set up a multi-zone system in your home. Your best bet is to call local Missoula heating contractors, like Garden City Plumbing and Heating to check out your system. 
  3. Next, you need to have a central control unit installed alongside your heating unit (i.e. boiler or furnace). 
  4. From the central control unit, thermostats will be run to the different zones in your home. 
  5. The last and most practical step is installing the dampers in your ducts to divert heated or cooled air to the various zones individually. 

Is a multi-zone HVAC worth it in Montana?

If you consider comfort alone, many homeowners would say it is worth it.  If you are looking at making your home more energy efficient, you can absolutely reduce your consumption by reducing the heat going to less-used rooms.  If you consider your heating bill, over time, you will save money. 

Is There a Type of Heater That a Multi-Zone System Will Not Work Within Missoula, Montana?

If you have a specific heater in mind that you want to install but are unsure if it is compatible with a multi-zone system, it is best to consult with trusted Missoula heating contractors. The folks at Garden City Heating and Cooling can ensure every part of your system will work together. 

Do I have to replace my heater when installing a multi-zone system?

Sometimes, dated heaters will not work with the latest models of central control units. It is best to call your trusted Missoula heating contractors to come to check out your current system.

Take the Leap to Multi-Zone Heating Today!

Garden City Plumbing and Heating will walk you through every step of transitioning your home to a multi-zone system.  Give us a call or message us online to schedule an appointment before winter hits!

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