Missoula Heating Contractor’s Tips on Preparing HVAC System For Winter

Fall is just around the corner and before you know it, there will be snow on the ground and sub-zero temperatures.  As the end of another summer approaches, it is time to prepare your Missoula home for the coming seasons.  Let’s look at 5 important steps to preventing problems and increasing efficiency with your HVAC System this winter. 

Ensure The Thermostat is Calibrated on your Missoula Heating System

One of the most common issues with HVAC systems is the thermostat.  You can test your thermostat to make sure it is reading and regulating the temperature properly.  Ensuring the battery is fresh and that the thermostat is calibrated properly are easy steps to having a comfortable home all winter long.  If you have an older, simple thermostat, you can probably save on your heating bill by considering an upgrade.  By installing a programmable thermostat, you can save money by setting it to maintain a lower temperature while you are out of the house.  You can also consider a WiFi-enabled thermostat for easier control.  Contact a Missoula heating contractor for guidance on what thermostat will serve your needs best.

Missoula Heating Contractors Say to Clean and Replace HVAC Air Filters

Air filters on HVAC systems are often thought to filter air as it enters the home.  This is not the case and is what can cause costly problems in your home’s HVAC system.  HVAC filters filter the air as it goes into the unit to be heated. If filters become full of particulates, it can impede airflow into the unit.  Poor airflow into a furnace can cause the furnace to malfunction in a number of ways. Many boilers have filters to collect debris and prevent it from entering the system.  It is important to know what filtration system your HVAC unit has and maintain it.  Contact the pros at Missoula heating contractor Garden City Plumbing and Heating to help you determine the needs of your home’s heating system before winter hits.

Schedule a Yearly Inspection by a Missoula Heating Contractor

One of the most cost-effective choices you can make to prolong the life of your HVAC system it to have it inspected by a Missoula Heating contractor yearly.  Certified professionals can look at the inner workings of your HVAC system and repair parts that are worn out or broken before symptoms of a problem are even noticeable.  Most inefficiencies or breakdowns can be prevented by having a professional check for leaks, blockages, or worn-out parts.  With this small amount of maintenance in the warmer months, you can prevent a breakdown and loss of heat in the colder months.   

Ensure Proper Insulation and Sealing of Your Missoula Home Ahead of Winter

Ensuring proper insulation and sealing of your Missoula home can save you a huge amount of money on heating costs each winter! By checking on your insulation and making sure it is functioning properly, the work your heater is doing will stay in your home and not flow right outside!  If you suspect your home is drafty, it may have a gap or cracks.  By checking around doors, windows, and anywhere else you may suspect passage of air, you can help your wallet out! 

Missoula Heating Contractors Recommend Regular Maintenance Checks on Your HVAC System

This topic may seem redundant but we promise it is not.  This one is something YOU can do.  Have a walk around your house, focusing on your HVAC system. If there are loose screws on ductwork or if a plastic toy was sitting on a pipe that will carry water hot enough to melt the toy, this is your chance to make sure everything looks the way it should.  Make sure any leaves that have collected on top of the unit outside are clear, etc.  Make sure that you have enough fuel for your HVAC unit to last through the winter.  Lubricate any moving parts that you are familiar with.  All of these actions will save you stress and money once winter arrives!

Contact a Missoula Heating Contractor Before Problems Arise

No matter your HVAC system, preventative maintenance is better than repairs! At Garden City Plumbing and Heating, we have certified professionals to work on your furnace, boiler, heat pump, radiant heating, and more. Call us at (406) 728-5550 or contact us online to schedule your inspection today!