Missoula Heating and Cooling – Upgrade for Better Air Quality

Missoula locals are counting on modern HVAC systems to counter local environmental conditions. Missoula heating and cooling systems are a necessary investment to ensure that you have a healthy, comfortable home and place of business.

Missoula Heating and Cooling
Missoula Heating and Cooling

Air Pollution Will Affect Your Missoula Heating and Cooling

Poor air quality is a growing problem in Missoula. It’s the 12th most polluted city in the nation, according to the 2018 air quality report by the American Lung Association. This is largely due to wildfires, unfortunately. The short-term particle pollution breathed in and ingested from Missoula wildfires can increase the risk of lung cancer, asthma attacks and heart issues. Smog has a serious lingering effect. Therefore, air purification and ventilation must be a priority in your home and your workplace. Achieving the right balance between high air quality, comfortable temperatures, and energy efficiency is the ultimate goal for Missoula heating and cooling professionals.

Here’s a few things you can do to get your indoor space in tip top air quality shape.

  • Check your air conditioning filters and vents regularly. You should be able to see if the filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Get them serviced in early spring before wildfire season starts and check them at the end of that season, too.
  • Get your indoor spaces prepared for winter before it’s freezing outside. This includes checking and changing air filters. Overused filters is a common reason heating systems need repairs. Having a steady flow of filtered air helps make the space well ventilated and safe.
Missoula Heating and Cooling Systems for Indoors
Missoula Heating and Cooling Systems for Indoors

Still Using Outdated Missoula Heating and Cooling Systems?

Older buildings need to be assessed because they could be needing an upgrade. Are you still using outdated systems? There is no better time than now to upgrade. Missoula is taking steps to improve, and Garden City Plumbing & Heating can help. New building renovations in some of the iconic downtown buildings are finally going to have air conditioning and fire sprinklers. The Downtown Missoula Master Plan has been in the works since 2009. The Plan’s update states that its critical study areas are land uses, infrastructure, downtown housing, parking, street design, and retail and commercial businesses. New renovations with modern heating and cooling systems will hopefully improve the image and quality of life in Missoula.

Save money and energy with updated Missoula heating and cooling systems

If you own or rent a building that is using an outdated HVAC system, you’re throwing money away. These old heating and cooling systems are not efficient, they don’t work well, and they are expensive to run and maintain. You could be wasting money and energy every month that you’re running your heater or air conditioner.

Make sure your HVAC units are safe and healthy to use

Your HVAC unit might pose a health risk for those living and working inside if you’re not up on safety regulations. Older furnaces can get cracks in them that leak carbon monoxide, which is extremely hazardous. You should definitely have a carbon monoxide detector. Another problem with heating and cooling systems older than 12 years is that they are more likely to blow a fuse, have a weak connection, and start an electrical fire. Don’t take a risk. Upgrade to a safer HVAC system and you’ll have peace of mind in your indoor spaces.

Missoula Heating and Cooling Systems Save Money and Energy
Missoula Heating and Cooling Systems Save Money and Energy

The Cost of Upgrading Missoula Heating and Cooling Systems

Replace or repair? That is the question. Both will cost you money, whether it’s a full system replacement today or the cost of higher utility bills and HVAC repairs in the future.

Lower your utility bills

You’ll see a 20- 50% decrease in your utility bills when you upgrade to an energy efficient unit.

Become eligible for tax credits and rebates

Owning energy efficient systems makes you eligible for state and federal tax cuts. You’re also eligible for state tax credits and rebates when you’re using an energy efficient system. Contact your local utility company to inquire about what benefits your system provides. When you’re on the market for a replacement, look for the government-backed EnergyStar symbol on products to become eligible for all these energy efficiency rewards.

Maximize efficiency with updated technology

Another tip to take into consideration is to replace both heating and cooling units at the same time, even if only one is broken. This makes more benefits than you’d think. Miriam Johnson, co-host of Hometime on PBS, says “Old and new technology don’t work well together. And therefore, you’re not going to get that energy efficiency that you paid for with your new AC…if you mix these technologies then both energy efficiency and comfort is lower on both units.”

Get Comfortable with Missoula Heating and Cooling
Get Comfortable with Missoula Heating and Cooling

A Wise Investment: Update Your Missoula Heating and Cooling Systems

Get your HVAC systems up to date and both your comfort level and wallet will reap the benefits. Some things you can’t control, like the weather and the outdoor air quality, but with the right HVAC system, you can improve the conditions inside your home or business. If you want to share your local HVAC-related experiences and get specific answers about Missoula heating and cooling systems, visit the Garden City Plumbing & Heating Community Facbebook group.

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