Air, Temps, and Water Issues in Garden City Missoula – Maintenance Concerns For Locals

There are 3 unique environmental issues that Garden City Missoula locals face. Forest fires, hard water, and cold winters are a reality. Homeowners, property managers, and business owners should be prepared for the specific maintenance requirements to keep people healthy and comfortable indoors.

Garden City Missoula Environment Challenges

Water Treatment – Private Wells and Public Sources in Garden City Missoula

Whether your water comes from a private well or from the publicMissoula Valley Aquifer, tap water in Garden City Missoula is on the hard side. The mix of minerals found in the soil can give the water a reddish tint. Hard water will also make it harder to lather soap in the sink or shower. Hard water wears out hot water tanks and plumbing systems faster than softer water will.

Missoula Valley Aquifer – Local Public Water Source

For decades, Mountain Water Company maintained the local public water supply but recently transferred ownership to Garden City Missoula. The city now monitors the water held in the Missoula Valley Aquifer and the quality of the water, dam, and pipes that deliver it to the community. The aquifer is no deeper than forty feet, which makes the water source susceptible to contamination. This year, the city is working to replace eleven aging water mainsto update the plumbing system and reduce leakage.

Well Water in Garden City Missoula

If your water comes from a private well on your property, the city does not test or monitor the levels. The responsiblity falls on the well owner. Regularly testing and treating your water is a good practice. Montana State University publishes informational newsletters to support its “Well Educated” water quality program. They recommend testing well water for nitrates and bacteria once a year. They’ve provided some helpful resources and online tools for well owners. See this example of water test results to preview the levels of minerals and trace metals that may be found in your water.

Water Treatment Options in Garden City Missoula

Homeowners and property managers may choose to install a conditioning system to treat their water. You can filter out the iron and soften water so it’s more desirable for drinking and showering purposes.

Depending on your budget, there are several options for water treatment.

  • EasyWater Salt-free Water Treatment
  • WaterTech Water Softening System
  • Everpure Water Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration
  • Innowave Bottle-free Water Coolers

Garden City Missoula Water Treatment

Summertime Fires Cause Air Pollution in Garden City Missoula

Last year, wildfires wreaked havoc on the air quality in Garden City Missoula and the surrounding areas in western Montana. Wildfires and air pollution are a serious concern for local residents each year during the end of summer, when forests are dry and the sun is blazing hot. It’s important that residents take precautions during the months of August and September. People in high-risk categories such as babies, children, and seniors are likely to have trouble breathing when air becomes contaminated from smoke and ash. Those suffering with asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems should also avoid being outdoors for extended periods of time.

Garden City Missoua better air quality for seniors and children

Your indoor spaces can offer relief from the poor air quality during forest fire season in Garden City Missoula. Keep your home and business cool and well ventilated with a steady stream of filtered air.Cleaning and tuning up your air conditioning filters and ventilation systems will improve your air quality. Don’t wait until the middle of summer. Get your air conditioner tuned up and have your vents, ducts, and filters cleaned and replaced this spring!

Air Conditioning, Filtration, and Ventilation for Garden City Missoula Properties

  • Clean lines and compressor unit
  • Replace filters
  • Check motor for obstructions
  • Check for energy efficiency
  • Evenly distribute through all rooms
  • Identify current or future problems
  • Make repairs and replace old parts
  • Zone control (aerosol)
  • Ductless cooling system

Garden City Missoula Winter Weather

Keep Warm in Garden City Missoula During Brutally Cold Weather

Newcomers to Garden City Missoula may not realize how brutal the winters can be. Temps fall well below freezing for the better part of three months. Don’t underestimate the damage that winter can cause. Your pipes could freeze and your heater could break. When the seasons change, get your home or business ready for the cold weather. Make sure that your indoor spaces are set up to be comfortable and livable during the harshest time of year. You can do some winter prep on your own, and call a professional HVAC technician to tune up your residential or commercial heating systems.

Heating and HVAC Solutions for Garden City Missoula Residents

  • Radiant Heat Systems
  • Geothermal Heat Systems
  • Duct System Evaluation
  • Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Garden City Missoula Montana Homeowners Prepare

Plan Ahead for Plumbing and HVAC Maintenance in Garden City Missoula!

Routine maintenance is the best way to prepare for the unique environmental challenges of Garden City Missoula Montana. Keep tanks full of clean, conditioned water and improve your indoor air quality. Make sure your heating and air conditioning systems are working efficiently. Consider signing up for a routine maintenance program like the VIC Program offered by Garden City Plumbing & Heating. This is the most affordable and convenient option for keeping indoor spaces clean and comfortable every season!