Deciding on Multi-Unit Residential HVAC Servicing In Missoula Montana

Whether you own a downtown high-rise apartment building or a 4-plex in a quiet neighborhood, HVAC needs must be determined to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. There are a number of factors to consider as you make HVAC decisions. Your Montana Commercial HVAC Contractor can help you determine what will be best and get your installation rolling!

Types of HVAC Systems for Your Multi-Unit Residence Can Use

·       A Centralized System will have one heating/cooling system in the basement or somewhere out of the way, and it will service the entire building. While a more powerful, specialized HVAC unit is necessary, the total installation is often cheaper than having a system installed for each apartment. 

·       A Decentralized System will have a heating/cooling unit in each apartment. With this system, if one apartment has a problem with its HVAC unit, the rest of the building is unaffected.

·       A Semi-Centralized System is when there is a combination of the above two systems. This can look like one heating/cooling unit per floor of a building and is responsible for servicing all units on said floor. 

Possible Tenant Requirements in Multi-Unit Residences

Depending on a number of factors, you might decide to require tenants to pay the bill directly or to include the heating costs in the rent price for you to pay for heating costs. Here are a few points to consider!

·       Be aware of any local or state requirements for HVAC systems in Rental Units.  Checking with Chapters 24-26 of Montana Property Code or Property Management companies in Montana can help you sort out what you can and cannot do!

·      Consider putting a temperature limit on the units. This can be a line in the lease requiring the temperature to stay below 70 in the winter and above 73 in the summer.  Many tenants will not want strict guidelines on a unit. This can be handled with a conditional requirement, such as “the landlord will pay the heating bill as long as the temperature stays at 70 or below in the winter. If the temperature is maintained above said temperature, the tenant is required to pay the heating bill.”

·      Consider putting a seasonal requirement on the units. This can be a requirement that heat cannot be used until October 1 and must be shut down by April 15. Tenants can use electric space heaters to supplement their heating desires.

·       Just reminding tenants to ensure windows are closed when using the heat or air conditioning is often enough. Most tenants understand that keeping the windows shut provides more efficient heating and cooling. 

Montana Commercial HVAC Contractors Services for Multi-Unit Residences

·       Inspection and Repair – If you think your multi-unit Residential HVAC system is not performing how it should, call your Missoula Commercial HVAC Contractor for an inspection!  From needing a new filter to needing a whole new system, the guys at Garden City Heating and Plumbing will give you an honest evaluation of your property.

·       Upgrades and Renovations – Whether you are tired of overnight emergency repairs on your old system or the recent renovations are too much for your current system, Garden City Heating and Plumbing has your back!  We can help you if you are considering a whole new type of system or just want a replacement boiler or furnace.

·       New Construction – If you are developing an investment property into a multi-unit residence, there are a number of options to fit your HVAC needs! Garden City Heating and Plumbing can help you with every step, from designing your property to final installation.

The Missoula Montana Commercial HVAC Contractor Who Will Get the Job Done!

No matter where you are in your landlord journey, Garden City Heating and Plumbing can handle your HVAC needs! To find out more about our services, contact us by phone at 406-728-5550 or online today!