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5 HVAC Trends Missoula Homeowners Should Know About

Photo of AI for smart home HVAC in Missoula, Montana

smart home HVAC in Missoula, Montana

Having a home that serves your family in the best way can mean different things.  That’s why it’s important to know what the options are. When it comes to HVAC options, Missoula heating contractors have your back. We have a list of 5 trends that can make your home more comfortable, safer, and more efficient.  Let’s jump in. 

Missoula Heating Contractors Highlight Smart HVAC Systems

Smart HVAC systems take customizability to a whole new level.  With the ability to adjust your controls from a smartphone or tablet, you can turn down the heat even after you have left for work or vacation. Additionally, you can control specific aspects of your heating system. This includes humidity, airflow, and lighting.  All of these details add up to create a more efficient home aimed at what you consider comfortable. 

Renewable Energy Sources Are A Focus For Missoula Heating Contractors

Burning fossil fuel is becoming a thing of the past. It is only a matter of time before society has completely left it behind. There are more methods today than ever before to power your Missoula home and its heating system with renewable energy.  With wind farms popping up in more locations and solar panels’ efficiency increasing, using electric power for your heating system is not what it used to be.  When you couple these technologies in electrical power with earth-friendly heat sources like ground-source heat pumps, you can have an extremely earth-friendly and comfortable home!

Heating Contractors Work to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Missoula Homes

A main factor in HVAC systems is air quality. After all, the “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation.  This is a larger piece of the pie in commercial facilities but is also vital in homes across Montana. While homes can simply rely on opening a window, this is not always the case.  Whether it be because of wildfire smoke or the winter cold, Many heating systems are designed with various methods for clearing out the air in a home. Since COVID took the world by storm, new technologies have been developed for air quality and are available to consumers. 

Sustainable Building Practices with Missoula Heating Contractors

Building new structures, and especially homes, has become a work of art. This is a broad category that encompasses everything from how the house is oriented on the land to reducing wrappers on equipment being installed in the home. The end goal of sustainable building practices is to finish the project with a net-zero energy building. When it comes to heating and plumbing systems for Missoula contractors, CAD and BIM expedite the process and reduce waste.  When contractors work together in the planning stages, repairs and workarounds are reduced in the building process.  This creates less waste of both time and materials in the building process.  Additionally, Missoula heating contractors can install the latest, most efficient heat pumps and low-waste systems to create a more eco-friendly home.  Garden City Plumbing and Heating also takes advantage of plumbing technologies to reduce waste. 

Missoula Heating Contractors Integrate Artificial Intelligence for Homeowners

At the end of “The Aviator,” Howard Hughes repeats a line in a haunting conclusion to the film.  “The way of the future” in Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice is a line that feels apropos when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI).  It is coming upon us and can serve humanity in many ways. While it is scary for some, it doesn’t have to be. Learning to work with it and use it to improve our lives can be a beautiful thing. For Missoula homeowners, AI can take comfort to a whole new level.  For example, AI programming can automatically adjust heating controls according to the number of people in the home.  The way of the future is an incredible thing. 

Missoula Heating Contractors Bring The Latest Trends to You

With these and many other exciting technologies, your favorite Missoula heating contractors are ready to take your call! Garden City Plumbing and Heating can provide the latest technologies for your new build or retrofit on your older home. Call us at 406-728-5550 or contact us online for advice or an estimate today!

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